Hendo: TRT nothing to do with my fighting skills


Vitor Belfort has become the designated poster child for Testosterone Replacement Therapy, or more accurately put, against TRT. However, Dan Henderson, 43, is the daddy of TRT in MMA. Back in 2007 he was the first MMA fighter to be issued a Therapeutic Use Exemption for TRT, and Saturday night, he could be the last.

In an interview with MMAJunkie, Henderson said he will continue without TRT, and that it did not have a major effect on him.

“I’ll deal with the changes after this fight, said Henderson. "Obviously, I’ll have to.”

“I don’t think TRT has anything to do with my skills as a fighter. I think I get sick a little bit less and have a little more energy. I don’t lay on the couch as much when I’m on TRT, but it’s not the reason I’ve done as well as I’ve done in the sport.”

“I have no plans of retiring at all. I just signed a six-fight deal, and I plan on achieving my goals within those six fights.”

“Hopefully, this next year will be a good year. I had a bad year last year, and I’m just moving forward.”

Dan Henderson fights Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua in the main event of UFC Fight Night 38 on Sunday in Natal, Brazil (5 p.m. ET, Fox Sports 1).

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Mertvaya Ruka site profile image  

3/20/14 8:04 PM by Mertvaya Ruka

TRT has huge benefits for your sexual life and you have more energy, more positive. It also help physically.

catgobling site profile image  

3/20/14 6:55 PM by catgobling

respect! heres to a good year

DTW's Power Bottom site profile image  

3/20/14 6:10 PM by DTW's Power Bottom

there will be no stars. he followed the rules, got tested repeatedly and thoroughly and fought without when necesary. he will do without in the future as well.  Dan has always looked the same. Never had a failed test. Never looked like the incredible hulk. Still a motherfucking superhero! hendofanforlife

BuckyGoldstein site profile image  

3/20/14 5:56 PM by BuckyGoldstein


Pancake Syrup Ali site profile image  

3/20/14 5:53 PM by Pancake Syrup Ali

The american bias on here is unreal     Belfort on TRT - "Cheater. Typical Brazilian if he isn't cheating he's making excuses" Hendo on TRT - "Fuck yeah. WAR Hendo. MURICA!!!!

Gobulcoque site profile image  

3/20/14 5:48 PM by Gobulcoque

You are a fucking retard. Nothing else needs to be said in this thread.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

3/20/14 5:36 PM by DoomFarmer

TRT less Dan fails to KO Shields.TRT Dan KO's Fedor cold for a split second.I'm all for TRT either way. Hate to see it "officially" go.

Rambo John J site profile image  

3/20/14 5:18 PM by Rambo John J

I guess so. IMO if you are taking aneedle full of synthetic substances... you are not doing it because it feels good. It is for an advantage. Only Freaks like needles in them...

Rambo John J site profile image  

3/20/14 5:14 PM by Rambo John J

Are you Buttthurt that Chael might pull out of getting KTFO by Wandy?

Rambo John J site profile image  

3/20/14 5:13 PM by Rambo John J

It has nothing to do with his "fighting skills?" Yet he says " I get sick less, have more energy , and don't lay on the couch as much."   Sounds like it makes a difference.  He uses it and is trying to downplay it. Simple