Shogun happy to win any way that works


Dan Henderson vs. Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua at UFC 139 was the best fight of 2011, some say ever.

Shogun, who won the final two rounds but lost the first three, does not dwell on it.

“I get very happy to know that my fight with him is going down in the history books, written as one of the best ever,” said Rua to MMAJunkie through a translator. “It’s a rewarding feeling. but I don’t really think of it any other way. It’s just satisfying to know that we did something that people acknowledge and that was great, But we have to move on.”

The pair rematch this Sunday at UFC Fight Night 38 at Ginasio Nelio Dias, which airs in the US at 5 p.m. ET, on FOX Sports 1.

Henderson, who has lost his last three is a row, said he will not be altering his style to try to edge out a win. For his part, Rua says he will take the win any way he can get it.

“It’s a different fight,” said Rua. “Obviously, I have big respect for Dan Henderson. He’s a guy that hits hard and can do some damage. You’ve got to respect him. But I’m happy to have this chance because … I like challenges.”

“Any way that I can come out with a win, I’m happy. Obviously, if I can win a fight that also pleases the fans, I’m even happier. But I’ll take the win any way I can get it.”

So what do you think UG? How does the fight end? Free blue name to who ever gets closest.

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xsrg95 site profile image  

3/21/14 10:01 PM by xsrg95

dat face

The Fella site profile image  

3/21/14 10:00 PM by The Fella

Cant wait for another fun fight!  

DaemonDragon site profile image  

3/21/14 9:22 PM by DaemonDragon

This stuff like this, insinuating that "healthy Shogun" is a not a real thing is pretty absurd IMO.I get that it's a running joke, and while I know people can get tired of hearing a phrase like that, it's blatantly obvious when Shogun is health (Pride run, Chuck and Machida fights in UFC) and not healthy (first Forrest fight, 2nd Coleman fight, and every post-Machida II fight).The only LHW that's ever been that I would favor over "healthy" Shogun is Jon Jones [unless you want to count Anderson as a 205er]. Jones is not only superior to Shogun, but also a horrid style matchup. I'd make Shogun the betting favorite over every other LHW that's been. I mean hell, a very washed up Shogun lost the first two rounds to Gus by pretty narrow margins, they were quite competitive - and Gus is clearly great right now, while Shogun is waaay off his prime and horribly shop-worn with poor cardio. Considering the circumstances you'd have expected Shogun to have lost that fight much worse.Of course "healthy" Shogun is gone and will never be seen again. It's amazing he came back from 2 ACL tears to look so great and become champ - I thought Shogun was done, he proved me and many others wrong. But he tore his ACL again vs. Machida and that was the end of Shogun as any sort of contender. He can hang around a few years, I don't agree with fans calling for his retirement, but he'll never sniff a title shot.At any rate, both Shogun and Hendo are no relevant to the title picture. Hendo got old, and while Shogun may be young he's about 60 in MMA milage with shit knees and bad cardio.I do favor Shogun here just because I think he has a little more left, and also I think he'll fight much smarter last time. Brawling with Hendo is the worst thing you can do, was dumb for him to do that. Hopefully he can mix things up, use some kicks, and we'll see if Freddie Roach has actually taught Shogun a decent jab.

TheChinInspector site profile image  

3/21/14 9:05 PM by TheChinInspector

Healthy Shogun is damn near unbeatable

MySonTommyGunn site profile image  

3/21/14 9:00 PM by MySonTommyGunn

Healthy Shogun by KO. Unless he loses, then he isn't healthy Shogun.

Nicholas Kage site profile image  

3/21/14 8:39 PM by Nicholas Kage

It sounds like hes going to throw in 'accidental' eye pokes and lowblows come fight night...or is that just me?

Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal site profile image  

3/21/14 3:16 PM by Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal

He was against vitor, just not rashad iirc

Aaron Becker site profile image  

3/21/14 11:40 AM by Aaron Becker

Hendo wasn't on trt for Rashad or Vitor

TARRat site profile image  

3/21/14 11:37 AM by TARRat

I love what Shogun said here. But... I think Hendo by 2nd round TKO rocks him and finishes with some GnP.

The Loge site profile image  

3/21/14 11:14 AM by The Loge

Shogun by first round stoppage. He hurts Hendo early on the feet and blitzes him for the finish.