Gruesome before and after pictures of Hendricks' torn bicep tendon


Last week Johny Hendricks revealed that he had suffered a torn bicep leading up to his UFC 171 fight with Robbie Lawler and would undergo surgery.

One week after his gritty title-winning performance at UFC 171, new UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks underwent successful surgery to repair a torn bicep in his right arm.

Hendricks successfully underwent surgery to repair the torn bicep on Monday.

Hendricks also suffered a fractured shin during the first round of the bout, which he won via unanimous decision to claim the vacant UFC welterweight title, although that injury has been deemed minor and is expected to heal on its own.

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Hendricks also shared some gruesome pictures taking before and after the surgery that show his torn bicep tendon and then his repaired tendon.



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AceAtGSU site profile image  

3/28/14 4:37 PM by AceAtGSU

Bicep pics didn't bother me at all. This picture right here though, not a fan.

KFP49 site profile image  

3/28/14 1:59 PM by KFP49


TARRat site profile image  

3/28/14 1:55 PM by TARRat

Hendricks now has a friendship bracelet inside his arm? Cool.

Ben Gardners boat site profile image  

3/28/14 11:34 AM by Ben Gardners boat

I knew exactly what id done. I was playing rugby and extended the arm for a tackle. Didn't notice a pop but it was 5 minutes in and the adrenaline was going. It was a little bit sore like a decent bruise feeling. I looked at my arm and my bicep had migrated north and from the elbow to 3/4 of the usual bicep area was just flat. I recognised it as I remembered the bodybuilder Dorian Yates doing it aswell as Matt Serra and both had the rolled up bicep look.

ChipW site profile image  

3/28/14 11:32 AM by ChipW

yes, thats what mine said too.  Thanks. 

Proudtobeapeedrinker site profile image  

3/28/14 11:31 AM by Proudtobeapeedrinker

I tore my bicep twice in MMA fights. Didnt know it until after when the adrenaline died down. Felt like a pulled muscle, but his was prob worse than mine.

ChipW site profile image  

3/28/14 11:30 AM by ChipW

During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Hendricks explained that he felt injury worsen early on in a striking exchange. "Throwing a hook," he said. "And whenever I threw a hook it just spazzed out. I don't know what happened. I felt my arm actually pop."   I tore mine while wrestling and i can varify, thats exactly how it felt.  There was an intense pain but only for a second and a popping sound, then just a dull ache.  The biggest thing was, my arm just didnt work right.  I could move and kept wrestling for a bit but it was like it had no power.  I stopped soon after.   Hendricks is one tough mofo to keep fighting with that.    

Ben Gardners boat site profile image  

3/28/14 11:30 AM by Ben Gardners boat

There's a few forums online with advice and experience too.

Ben Gardners boat site profile image  

3/28/14 11:28 AM by Ben Gardners boat

^ I had my op in the June and I didn't lift a weight with that arm for 2 months or so. Once I had mobility I did kettlebell stuff with my left side then graduated to some pushing exercises with the injured arm. Take it slow mate. Even the surgeon who has done a few aswell as a lot of other orthopaedic sports injuries said no physio or lifting for 3 months.

ChipW site profile image  

3/28/14 11:17 AM by ChipW

Im 5 weeks post surgery for the same injury.  My doctor has told me 6 months to be back to 100% training.  I think thats conservative based on some studies ive read on pubmed, however.  Hendricks may be training at 8 weeks but I doubt it will be at 100%.  I would be surprised if he is back in the octagon in less than a year.   You guys who have had this surgery, how long did it take you to get back to training?   Thanks.