Conor McGregor slams Aldo, Sanchez, Lamas, Poirier, Swanson


UFC featherweight Conor McGregor is recovering from knee surgery, but is keeping his name in the media like someone with a fight on PPV Saturday night. In an interview with Irish independent radio station News Talk, McGregor offered compelling words on division champion Jose Aldo, Diego Sanchez, and others.

One UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo:

"I think he's basic," said McGregor as transcribed by MMAFighting. "His movements are limited. He doesn't do any crazy movements. There's nothing that jumps off the page when I look at him. I thought that straight away. A lot of guys think he's this and think he's that. I certainly don't. That fight will happen and when that fight does happen everyone's going to see. I'm going to prove what I'm saying."

On Diego Sanchez:

"I would love that fight, but he's been getting his ass whooped in the past couple fights. I don't want to end his career. He's already slowing. Like he said, he's been with the promotion for nine years. He's been there since Ultimate Fighter 1. He's the original Ultimate Fighter. The guy can barely string a sentence together. It's time to call it a day.

"This is a dangerous game. You don't want to hang around this game too long. I'm going to get in, whoop everyone, take the belts and go home with all the money."

On #1 featherweight contender Ricardo Lamas:

"Nobody does care. When he got the fight against Aldo he fought like he was happy he got the chance. He didn't fight to win. He fought to compete. He fought for the chance. I'm not fighting for the chance. I'm not trying to just get up there so I can say I fought for the belt. I'm taking it. That's my mind frame.

"You can tell by a guy by the way he speaks and what way he approaches the fight. What way he's thinking. He fought just for the chance. He didn't fight to win. He fought to see the bell. The same way I thought Holloway fought. He didn't fight to win. He fought to make it three rounds."

On Dustin Poirier and Cub Swanson:

"[Poirer] has an unusually small head. These are all facts. He's got a big frame with a little, small peahead. Cub Swanson is a little wrinkly mother f---er. He looks old and s---. I'm just stating facts."

McGregor will likely fight on Jul. 19 event in Dublin, Ireland, opponent TBA.

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Bobby Lupo site profile image  

4/5/14 11:28 AM by Bobby Lupo

Barry's and Lyons are the only tea you can get around here and fucking Golden syrup instead of maple . These new young ones make those of us who came for World Cup '94 and never went back look bad. Americans are losing their fondness for the Irish with every interaction with this lot. They've joined up with Guidos and hang around at lame clubs like Tonic (Irish owned, full of tourist ass) and Mercury Bar and have those fucking awful chinstrap beards and too tight hurling shirts and pull a hold-me-back-Johnny after starting a fight.  I enquired with the city and they said I wasn't allowed to hang a "No Irish, No Dogs" sign on my front door

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4/4/14 11:58 PM by Fedoral Crime

I'm sorry to hear that Bobby, now I understand all of the disparaging comments in any Irish related thread.In regards to opening a Supermacs, you need to know your market first. Sure it's be a good idea if everyone over there is from the Weshht or midlands of Ireland but its not for everyone. On the other hand I know there's a lot of plastic Paddys over there so if you just promote it with a slogan like "Eat like an authentic, freckly Irishman" you should be ok.Il even let you keep that slogan as a sign of good faith. Another piece of advice if you want to make money from ALL homesick Irish people is to start selling Lyons and Barry's tea bags. Trust me you'll have every red headed, pasty Irish chick cueing up to suck ur dick for those. Not that that's a good thing but I'm just tryin to make a point ova herrre! Oooooooo!

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4/4/14 11:28 PM by MasterofMartialArts

Lol @ NPD

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3/30/14 8:36 AM by Bobby Lupo

Every man under 30 in my area of NYC not wearing a suit is Irish. The new Irish are outnumbering the humans. I should open a Supermacs franchise. 

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3/30/14 1:27 AM by Jake Ellenbergers Virginty


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3/30/14 1:16 AM by Fedoral Crime

Ireland is going through one of the worst recessions in its history. It was at its peak a few years ago and nearly half of the people under 30 including myself left to go to Australia, NZ or wherever cos they couldn't find a semi decent job. Nobody was hiring anybody especially in the construction industry cos the property market crashed so how do you know he tried to look for work and just couldn't find any?But a more important question would be is, why the fuck do you care so much? He's in his early 20's ffs did you give a fuck about the socioeconomic repercussions of claiming welfare when you were in your late teens/early 20's?You probably had plenty of opportunities for work when you left school like myself but it would've been shit for anyone Conor's age when they got out of school and even college.I hear where you're coming from, no one likes paying taxes that go towards lazy fucks that do nothing but pick up a welfare check once a week but it sounds like you hate the guy cos he was on welfare for a while. Stop the hate. . . Illuminate Dasry

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3/30/14 12:44 AM by GriffinQ

New favorite gif hahaaha

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3/30/14 12:33 AM by WhoShotYushinOkami

  I have no problem educating the mentally handicapped so here goes.   People like myself, with a family, a good paying job that they work hard at, etc, simply dont want their taxes to go towards young 20s able bodied persons who arent working because it gets in the way of their fighter lifestyle. Now maybe he couldnt find a job like someone else alluded to. But hes young, confident and seems to have no issue on selling himself so I am more inclined to think he simply wasnt interested in working when his govt is giving him 750eu a month. Which is exactly why I say hes truly no better than the garbage who abuse the system here in North America. Hopefully one day you'll get to the point where your life is worth something more than stocking shelves and once/if you do, im sure you'll agree with me. Good day!      

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3/30/14 12:20 AM by McSlugga

I've been saying this as well.100% agree.

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3/29/14 10:40 PM by Rickmeister

Well said. VU