Cris Cyborg loses to Jorina Baars in one of the best female fights eva


Dutch kickboxer Jorina Baars had a 35-0-3 undefeated record in Muay Thai so impressive that she had a hard time getting fights. That precipitated a move to MMA, where she lost her amateur MMA debut, and immediately turned pro, winning only once in four contests.

Meanwhile, Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris "Cyborg" Justino was destroying everything in her path in the cage.

The pair met Friday night under Muay Thai rules at Lion Fight 14, at The Joint inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, and televised on AXS TV. Despite not having stepping into the ring in three years, Baars won by an overwhelming score, in one of the best female fights of all time.

Baars dominated Justino in the early rounds, landing a career highlight reel full of devastating blows. Justino showed tremendous heart and conditioning, rallying in the later rounds, but the final judges scores were 49-45, 48-45, 49-44.

Jorina Baars is now the inaugural Lion Fight women's welterweight champion.

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Fight video highlights:

Full fight video:

Baars offered a sober assessment of her opponent.

"She is strong and she has power," said Baars. "But it's not the hardest punch I've gotten hit with."

Justino however was not dismayed at the loss.

"I'm so happy because I gave her five rounds with her, a champion of Muay Thai," said Cyborg to MMAFighting. "No girl wants to fight her. She hasn't fought in three years.

"She's had eight belts and 38 fights, zero (losses). She's never lost. I have two fights in Muay Thai.

"She had a good gameplan against me. She's tall. It's hard to punch her in the face. ... The first round I said, okay, I can lose this fight. But I fought hard, I was ready for a war."

"I always respected her. I watched fights of hers, I know she has a lot of good fights, I know she's experienced, but I tried. I tried and I trained, because I love fighting. This is what I love. I love being inside the ring.

"I'm so happy. I want to fight again. I never choose my opponents, and I think a true fighter never chooses opponents. You have to be ready for everybody."

The everybody that Justino wants to fight above all is UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. It is not yet known how the loss will affect negotiations with UFC president Dana White.


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CapnKindBud site profile image  

4/1/14 10:02 AM by CapnKindBud

Whatever. Cyborg is a product of roids. A 135 pound woman who uses the same "technique " as Cyborg would hardly be intimidating . I just hate it when she is all juiced up and just beating on girls. It looks like a man hitting a girl and that isn't interesting to me at all.

Joe_LaTour site profile image  

4/1/14 8:39 AM by Joe_LaTour

Just fucking around. I liked this fight cyborg is only proving that she is one of the best female competitors there is. I honestly think that doing these Thai fights will help her standup and only make her striking more efficient.

Joe_LaTour site profile image  

4/1/14 8:36 AM by Joe_LaTour

Who was that blonde bitch in that badass bitches group of bitches cornering that badass bitch???

BuddyRevell site profile image  

4/1/14 7:34 AM by BuddyRevell

Also, I think Gina was psyched out from the beginning because she was very afraid of Cyborg. Ronda's confidence is sky-high right now, especially at 135 where Cyborg strength wouldn't be as much of a factor.

Shinsei78 site profile image  

4/1/14 3:53 AM by Shinsei78

Why the hate on Cyborg? Big respect for taking the fight and making it such a fight.

fenatic site profile image  

3/30/14 4:18 PM by fenatic

That's because she can't cheat asw much like she use to. She was a man almost by the amount of roids she was pumping into her body. That is the only reason why Gina Carano was over powered. Gina Carano has better technique,Gina is just all around a better striker. I would even go so far as saying Carano has a better ground game. Without the roids Cyborg isn't 1/2 the fighter she use to be. Ronda Rousey will rag doll the fuck out of Cyborg then rip her frucking arm off., Cyborg needs to go back to the gym, Ronda Rousey is 5 times the fighter, athlete than Cyborg wilol ever be.

JerodR site profile image  

3/30/14 2:52 PM by JerodR

Not a fair comparison. Cyborgs base is MT where as Rousey's base is Judo. A better assessment would be to see how Rousey would do against a BJJ world champ.

BshMstr site profile image  

3/30/14 1:19 PM by BshMstr

yeah...big difference between 2-0 and 35-0...good fight for cyborg, tho. she hung in there with one of the best female kickboxers out there...the nice thing is, Cyborg's loss makes her look a little less imposing to other fighters, and now the UFC might be more apt to set up her fight with Ronda...

JustAnotherMMAFan site profile image  

3/30/14 12:36 PM by JustAnotherMMAFan

Couldn't agree more.It's my last comment on the subject, as I am pretty tired, and I loved the fight. In fact, I wish more fighters took risky fights. A lot of people cherrypick fights these days. Even great fighters often decline certain fights. Cyborg took the fight against the best, had a lot of heart, and was very gracious and humble in defeat. This after giving Jorina a hell of a fight. She showed she got a true fighter's spirit, But, hey, you can always be negative.Finally, since some keep bringing her up, since her focus shifted, if Ronda were to fight today's Olympic gold medalist in her weight class in a pure judo match, she would get defeated as well (maybe, even in a more decisive fashion). In fact, she never was #1 in judo, but was top 5 for a while.

gokudamus site profile image  

3/30/14 12:29 PM by gokudamus

Without the juice cyborg looks and performs totally different