Edgar: Let me go out on my shield


When exactly a referee should step in and stop a bout is a source of controversy in mixed martial arts. In bouts where a fighter is clearly hurt, but defending in same way, or not defending, there is no consensus as to the right time for the referee to end the bout.

Some fans are of the mindset that if a fighter is not defending themselves, even if still conscious, the bout should be halted. Others believe that as long as conscious, that fighter should be give every opportunity to regain composure and stay in the fight. Former UFC champion Frankie Edgar tends to agree with that latter option:

“If it’s me, let me be limp before you stop it,” Edgar recently told MMAjunkie Radio. “It’s tough to be a ref, especially in that situation when they’ve got to protect the fighters. But I want every chance I can get. Let me go out on my shield.”

“It’s definitely the referee’s discretion, but I want every chance to come back,” Edgar said. “In the Maynard fights, someone else may have stopped it. Obviously the ref didn’t, and he made the right choice because I bounced back. That was the right choice.”

“I’m a fighter; I can’t help it,” Edgar said. “I’m a competitor. I want to win, and if I feel a ref stopped it too early, I would be upset.

“I just want the chance to come back. I’m sure it would never be like that where I’m getting my head beat in and the ref wouldn’t stop it, but I just want a chance to come back.”

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Boobiemiles1986 site profile image  

3/30/14 10:39 PM by Boobiemiles1986

so the UG blog doesnt check to see if a member already posted this ..... Shocking  

JBax1991 site profile image  

3/30/14 10:38 PM by JBax1991

Let Frankie go out limp.

Stan Wang site profile image  

3/30/14 10:22 PM by Stan Wang


Cameron0000 site profile image  

3/30/14 10:20 PM by Cameron0000

Probably the exact definition of too tough for your own good

UGCTT_FryedTakayama site profile image  

3/30/14 10:00 PM by UGCTT_FryedTakayama

Frankie is the man!

B_Goetz site profile image  

3/30/14 9:56 PM by B_Goetz

You can't let fighters get beaten unconscious every time they lose. That's just not realistic.

dubate site profile image  

3/30/14 9:55 PM by dubate

Do they make shields that small?

Dead President site profile image  

3/30/14 9:50 PM by Dead President

Well said

RockTheVote site profile image  

3/30/14 9:49 PM by RockTheVote

Its the fighters job to fight. Its the referee, the doc, and his corners job to end the fight if he can't defend himself anymore. People make mistakes, but trust the guys around you.

Dead President site profile image  

3/30/14 9:44 PM by Dead President

Sometimes fighters are too tough for their own good - example Dos Santos. Let the ref call it.