Did Cyborg's loss hurt interest in Rousey fight?


On Friday night, Cris 'Cyborg' Justino lost a convincing decision loss in a muay thai fight to Jordina Baars. Baars a world muay thai champion dominated most of the fight, against Cyborg who in her MMA fights has looked to have unstoppable stand up dominance.

But does this loss in a different sport hurt the marketability of Cyborg in a potential MMA fight with UFC champion Ronda Rousey? Dave Meltzer dives into the subject:

In reality, Justino's loss should mean only a little more in MMA than Michael Jordan being humbled on the baseball field meant to basketball fans when he returned. It's a different sport. She faced a world champion in their own sport under their own rules. Period. End of discussion.

But right now, with UFC in a rebuilding phase, with no "magic" fights on the horizon, one of the biggest potential fights in the sport is Justino vs. Ronda Rousey. For a number of reasons, it is one of those rare fights that can capture the imagination of people who don't follow the sport closely.

Those are the same people who promoters specifically target when avoiding allowing their top fighters anywhere near playing under somebody else's rules on somebody else's turf. And there was a time, when the fighting knowledge of the fan base was pretty limited where these fears were significant.

The question becomes, does the fact Justino lost hurt the business of a future fight with Rousey? The answer is, if handled correctly, it shouldn't matter at all.

The key to maximize business is for Justino to fight a couple of times in the UFC in a featured position. As long as she wins in impressive fashion, the interest will be there for her and Rousey, provided Rousey also continues to win. Wins on the outside are nice, but they aren't going to be seen by enough people to make a difference. Plus, the two women seemingly don't like each other. Neither are shy about talking about the other and making that clear in very personal terms. If there's anything that the last few years have shown, it's that a grudge, whether real or exaggerated, is the biggest key in blowing up main event business. 

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What do you think Underground? Do you agree or disagree with Meltzer? Does Cyborg's loss in muay thai make you any more or less interested in an MMA match with Rousey?


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Gennady Goblin site profile image  

4/1/14 7:48 AM by Gennady Goblin

Ahhh, I should've know it's the paragraphs that are throwing you off, I'll reduce the points to a list for the more....simple of us.1. Who do you believe has made more money from January 1st 2013 to April 1st 2014: Ronda or Cyborg?2. Who has grossly missed weight against women who already naturally weigh 20 pounds less: Ronda or Cyborg?3. Who has been busted for cheating with steroids: Ronda or Cyborg?4. Provide video of a Cyborg fight against a credible opponent that has not seen her rush directly into clinches.5. Cite any reason you would have to believe that a fighter who must lose 10 pounds of muscle and always used a size and strength advantage will still perform at the same level after losing that significant size and strength advantage.Those are 5 valid points that are worth addressing. Now, instead wasting more time responding with "YOU ARE AN IDIOT AND RETARD ALSO FUCK U!!!", which is truly "saying nothing" as you accuse me of, why not just tell me why I'm wrong? Put me in my place, big daddy. I'm ready!!

Poindexter site profile image  

3/31/14 9:06 PM by Poindexter

What harmed the interest for some was the failed PED test and then the claim that Cyborg would die if she was 135 pounds. I definitely want to see it, as do most fans, and it will happen if Cyborg drops weight and picks up a win or two at 135.

Fabefromfort site profile image  

3/31/14 8:58 PM by Fabefromfort

It would have, but I kinda think on watching the fight Cyborg won that fight. Either way what a display of toughness, chin, and resiliency by Cyborg. Wow ! I truly think she won that fight, but to step up and fight someone no one wants to fight is crazy ! To take those kicks and knees and come foreward and whup the kicker is crazier. I think the UFC will keep Rhonda away from Cyborg. Maybe Rhonda will push for the fight though, or go the other way and chicken out. It is up to Rousey. I think eventually with a drastic drop in PPVs and revenue they make this fight. I'm thinkin Cyborg by TKO in 4, because she will wear Rousey down, or, plumb knock Rousey out. One things for sure, this war with the the Muay Thai champ increased Cyborg's experience and stock immeasureably.

MMAIOGIC site profile image  

3/31/14 6:53 PM by MMAIOGIC

"Absolutely!" - Dana and The Ronda

DNAsmoothie site profile image  

3/31/14 6:47 PM by DNAsmoothie

IMO, no. It showed she likes to stay active and she enjoys a challenge, I hope they make that fight happen

BiggRiggwreckedRVD site profile image  

3/31/14 5:51 PM by BiggRiggwreckedRVD

You typed a lot and said nothing. It was filled with nothing but idiocy. Add in it was a frat, not even worth the time to respond to every retarded thing you vomited out on your keyboard for us to read. I want my time back that i wasted reading it.

likatiga site profile image  

3/31/14 5:48 PM by likatiga

Has UG Blog ever spelled the name of a fighter correctly?

JustAnotherMMAFan site profile image  

3/31/14 5:44 PM by JustAnotherMMAFan

Not making excuses, a loss is a loss.But I think part of Cyborg's loss was due to her inexperience. Punches are the strikes that score the least in Muay Thai fights. And, yes, she slipped quite a few times, when she tried to kick. Although she outstruck Baars in most rounds with punches, it took one kick or one knee for Jorina to steal the round (although it's a fact that Jorina's casual strikes were far more efficient).I do think Cyborg would likely defeat Jorina Baars in a rematch, if she made some adjustments.That said, those knees to the jaw and kicks to the face would have k.o.ed a lot people.

zazen br site profile image  

3/31/14 5:34 PM by zazen br

This.I have a thing for tall chicks.

gokudamus site profile image  

3/31/14 5:19 PM by gokudamus

of course...her appeal was as this invincible force of destruction..part of that image is gone...the fight would still sell, but it loses some of its luster