Robin Black breaks down Bravo vs. Gracie


In the latest edition of Robin Black's 5 Rounds on the Fight Network, Black breaks down Eddie Bravo's dominating performance versus Royler Gracie at Metamoris 3 Saturday night.

Black is a former glam rock star, professional MMA fighter, and current MMA color commentator and media figure on the Canadian MMA scene and internationally.

The bottom line?

"Eddie Bravo is the f@$%ing man."


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billard420 site profile image  

4/3/14 12:44 PM by billard420

Cheers to good health, Robin!!!! I didn't know about the tumors but am glad that's behind you!

kevsh site profile image  

4/1/14 11:23 PM by kevsh

Thanks, VU for the effort :)

UGCTT croy_00 site profile image  

4/1/14 12:35 PM by UGCTT croy_00

How in the eff did Royler's knee stay in one piece? Nevermind his ballsack, spinal cord, and hips.

billard420 site profile image  

4/1/14 12:28 PM by billard420

Voted up! Thank you!

Jack Skellington site profile image  

4/1/14 12:22 PM by Jack Skellington

Black is a fantastic mma analysis.

Freeman site profile image  

4/1/14 12:16 PM by Freeman

Here you go.

Freeman site profile image  

4/1/14 12:13 PM by Freeman

Very cool. Thanks for posting!  

Mdson site profile image  

4/1/14 12:01 PM by Mdson

I recommend everyone to listen to the latest JRE episode where Bravo breaks down the match himself. It's interesting to learn how technical Eddie is and how different his style is compared to most BJJ guys. All the little tricks and details that he explains = mind blown. For example, he figured out Royler couldn't stop his sweeps so he lets himself get "sweeped" so he can adjust better and do the electric chair all over again to land in a better position.

GROUNDnLB site profile image  

4/1/14 11:50 AM by GROUNDnLB

Showdown Joe is an asshat. His rationale and predictions are mostly ludicrous, and after-the-fact he always paints it like he was right when image was wrong or totally straddling the fence.If I have to see him clasp his hands one more time or go on-and-on about which MMA personalities he had 'intimate discussions' with i'm going to throw up. And his is coming from a bald dude. Our kind usually sticks together...(I understand he knows the rules of MMA and actually passed big john's ref course, so I would think he would be smarter than he appears on his show)

billard420 site profile image  

4/1/14 11:39 AM by billard420

I tried to embed the vid, but I dunno how. Dammit.