Munoz: People haven't seen my best of myself inside the octagon


Recently the UFC announced that Mark Munoz would main event their return to Germany versus Gegard Mousasi. Munoz recently spoke to MMAJunkie about the matchup and why he felt he would win:

"For me it is about taking it to the ground - there is no secret for me. But I have been working on my striking too and my Muay Thai with [Alexander] Palma. I am super excited about just showing how I have evolved and how I have gotten better.

A lot of people haven't seen the best of myself inside the octagon yet."

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4/2/14 11:47 PM by MachidaMachidaMachida


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4/2/14 11:41 PM by DoomFarmer

I hate to be a dick but I think we have probably seen as good as it's gonna get.

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4/2/14 11:38 PM by Infamous D

Well you best show us soon..