Werdum: Everybody knows Browne doesn't have it on the ground


UFC heavyweight Cain Velasquez is recovering from surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder, and hopes to return by November. If all goes well, he will face the winner of winner of Fabricio Werdum vs. Travis Browne at UFC on Fox 11: Werdum vs. Browne on April 19 in Orlando, FL.

"I think Travis Browne might be a little bit better on his feet, with his overall length and power and just the way he moves, he's pretty quick," said Velasquez recently. "I think Werdum on the ground, he's really good, but Travis Browne hasn't been on the ground yet… I'm kind of favoring Browne a little bit more."

Werdum told FOX Sports that Velasquez is favoring Browne because Browne would be the easier fight. Werdum, 36, is a two-time ADCC champion, who tapped out Fedor Emelianenko.

"Everybody knows that he doesn't have it on the ground," said Werdum of Browne. "He goes on the ground, he tries to stand up. He doesn't have confidence."

"[Velasquez] knows when he takes down me, it's just starting the fight on the ground. [Fighting Browne] is much better for him for sure."

Werdum said he has five rounds to take Browne down, and believes in his own stand up.

"I'm confident in my standup, too," said Werdum. "I'm not just a jiu-jitsu guy. I'm a complete fighter now. I have the best coach in the world in Rafael Cordeiro. He showed me a lot of tricks."

Ghengis Khan famously said the three best things in life are "To crush your enemies and see them fall at your feet, to take their horses and belongings, and to hear the lamentation of their women."

For Werdum, it would be ending Fedor's 10-year undefeated streak, the birth of his daughter, and the one that has eluded him - winning a major MMA title.

Werdum was asked how he would order them if he beat Velasquez for the UFC belt?

"I don’t know," he said. "I want that, I want the feeling and then I'll find out. I want the belt. That's it."

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orcus site profile image  

4/7/14 9:18 PM by orcus

"Don't forget the impressive performance he had in the Nelson fight."That's true, but then he turned around and looked awful against Nogueira on the feet.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

4/7/14 8:10 PM by DoomFarmer

Werdum has looked a lot better on the feet as of late.Don't forget the impressive performance he had in the Nelson fight.

DirtyLickinsBrah site profile image  

4/7/14 8:09 PM by DirtyLickinsBrah

Butt scoot werdum will beg for a ground fight.....then get elbowed to sleep.

Liyon site profile image  

4/7/14 7:48 PM by Liyon

Werdum will engage in the clinch and pull guard. He won't shoot for a takedown.

orcus site profile image  

4/6/14 10:07 PM by orcus

All I know is that the last two guys who made determined efforts to take down Travis -- Barnett and Gonzaga -- got KO'd with elbows while they were trying.

Cain Gastelum site profile image  

4/6/14 9:42 PM by Cain Gastelum

Cain beating Travis in Round 1? ok bud.

CapnKindBud site profile image  

4/6/14 9:39 PM by CapnKindBud

Werdum is great on the ground but I don't think it's gonna be too easy to get Browne there so he will stand with him.Browne will outclass him there.Browne in two.Cain defeats Travis in rd 1 , I predict.I think that the last 4 fights that Cain has had, he has gotten better and better.I don't see anyone but JDS taking that beating and not going out or tapping. Nobody is in Cain's class

orcus site profile image  

4/6/14 9:34 PM by orcus

Kharitonov, Arlovski, and Overeem rematch, I guess. So, not that often; or you could look at it that he does it every time he fights a superior striker whom he can't take down.

jpm995 site profile image  

4/6/14 7:54 PM by jpm995

It may not be an ideal matchup but its the correct one. Both of these guys have earned their rankings and the winner deserves the title shot.

TUF Guy 69 site profile image  

4/6/14 6:06 PM by TUF Guy 69

He instantly became a heel by dethroning fedor.