Anthony Pettis: The 155lb. belt has more prestige


A potential super fight between lightweight champion Anthony Pettis and featherweight champion Jose Aldo has been discussed at length. It is definitely something fans and the brass at the UFC would love to see, but what hasn't been decided it at what weight it should be. Some believe Pettis should move down, others believe a catchweight in the middle makes sense, and some, like Pettis, believe Aldo should move up:

"Showtime" continued to campaign for a superfight against featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo, and stated that it would be the most exciting fight in either division.

"Now we are both champs and I think the fans want to see this fight. That is probably one of the most exciting fights at 145-155 lb. division. It sucks for the fans cause they want to see it.

It will happen eventually. I fight Melendez, he fights Mendes - we'll finally fight."
Pettis also revealed his continued interest in vying for the lightweight title, which he claims to be more a more prestigious title and competitive division.

"I think the 155lb. belt has more prestige. It is better than the 145lb. belt. There is way more competition at 155. I would say Jose Aldo is the biggest competition in both weight classes so it makes sense for him to move up. There is more money at 155 and we could sell a huge PPV."

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FixedPartialArts site profile image  

4/9/14 11:45 PM by FixedPartialArts

Wow, the Pettis hate is insanely irrational. You can hardly blame him for having the bad luck of suffering multiple serious injuries. I only see this happen in MMA, not other sports, because it's psychotic. And while he's FORCED to be on the sidelines several guys like Aldo and Diaz have called him out, ever so courageously, which have prompted responses. You really expect him to sit idly by or not answer questions asked about rivalries? Blame others for instigating, especially while he can't physically do anything about it. Incidentally, Bendo implied Pettis was scared of him right after he was compelled to move down to 145 because the wait projected to be too long for the 155 belt, but then we saw what happened again when that match actually happened. For a lot of these guys, I think a verbal win is the only one they figure they'll get against Pettis. Then gullible fans eat it up, thinking it translates to one in the cage.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

4/8/14 11:02 AM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

I like the Diaz brothers more than the Pettis brothers. I don't know why and I'm not a Diaz nuthugger at all. The Pettis brothers just annoy me worse than the Guidas.

WSOF is Great site profile image  

4/8/14 9:31 AM by WSOF is Great

He's got a lot to say for a guy who hasn't defended the belt once Gilbert's no joke its going to be a shame if Gilbert beats him and he's left watching from the sidelines with egg on his face

iwatchsomemma site profile image  

4/8/14 9:10 AM by iwatchsomemma

Pettis makes sense.Aldo needs to respond.:)

whoabro site profile image  

4/7/14 1:09 AM by whoabro


TzTinkle site profile image  

4/7/14 1:01 AM by TzTinkle

Prestige? What is this the ivy league? You bash skulls and break bones for a living.

TwentyNineTwentyEight site profile image  

4/7/14 12:57 AM by TwentyNineTwentyEight

Of course I didn't. This fight shouldn't even take place. SuperFights are for noobs.

donkey guard site profile image  

4/7/14 12:47 AM by donkey guard

Prestige worldwide .

CowboysStuntDouble site profile image  

4/7/14 12:47 AM by CowboysStuntDouble


cfv site profile image  

4/7/14 12:40 AM by cfv

So many negative Nancy's