Couture: Son treated unfairly in UFC because of me


After the acquisition of Strikeforce by Zuffa, Ryan Couture's contract was picked up and Couture had two fights inside the Octagon before being released.

His father, Randy Couture, recently spoke to Submission Radio, saying he believed his son was not treated fairly because of his tenuous relationship with the UFC, and Dana White in particular:

"No I don't think he got a fair shake. I don't think that any 7-0 fighter was being handled appropriately or properly in putting him in with a Ross Pearson who has 30 plus mixed martial arts fights. That's not a real fair match up on the experience side of things. Was Ryan capable, technically and tactically of winning that fight? I think he proved that. He went out and won the first round, but Ross is a very, very experienced fighter. He stuck to his guns, he knew where he needed to be and he found a way to win and I think that was Dana poking at me, trying to get back at me for signing a deal with Spike and again trying to villainies me, not allowing me to corner my son, to be involved with my son when he made the transition to the biggest fight of his life; and I think that showed after the Pearson fight his confidence was in the toilet, and that second kid, he was more than capable of beating, but I think coming off the Pearson fight it was tough fight for him. It didn't go well, and again, I wasn't allowed to be there to do the things that I've been doing for him in every other fight that he had up to that point and that all falls on Dana's shoulders. I think that's where he really went and stepped over the line. You start messing with somebody's family and that would be like me messing with his sons and he's got a couple sons so, that puts it in perspective but that's how Dana operates. I know Dana well."

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Kostakio site profile image  

4/11/14 8:30 PM by Kostakio

Unfortunately, this.

jacktripper site profile image  

4/11/14 7:29 PM by jacktripper

Ross Pierson = thrown to the wolves?

Whambo site profile image  

4/11/14 11:55 AM by Whambo

Ok, well off hand these 5 fights involved people that neither had the experience or credentials to give any credibility to the idea they stood a chance vs their opponent. These aren't 20/20 hindsight fights, if at the time the spread was +1000 for the underdog I still wouldn't have bet a dime on them. Hell +10000 for thacker I wouldn't have bet a dime.Cormier vs a Barista.Chris Leben vs Jason ThackerAnderson Silva vs James IrvinRandy Couture vs James ToneyAnderson Silva vs Chris Leben

gokudamus site profile image  

4/11/14 11:20 AM by gokudamus

well then, probably shouldnt have pissed the ufc right randy? means you are ultimately responsible for the destruction of your sons career. congrats. 

osiriss site profile image  

4/11/14 11:17 AM by osiriss

Thats a good point and considering how Dana acts could very well have been how that scenario would have played out.

THE TROPHY BUCK site profile image  

4/10/14 11:39 PM by THE TROPHY BUCK

"That's not a real fair match up on the experience side of things" ........Brock fought randy in his 4th mma fight and beat his ass

12SixElbow site profile image  

4/10/14 11:11 PM by 12SixElbow

Fine me another example?

GenghisKwan site profile image  

4/10/14 6:07 PM by GenghisKwan

Ryan threw fists at another bloke. In any country this would constitute a fight

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

4/10/14 5:34 PM by ChaosOverkill

There's also the fact that Randy waited a while before bringing this up, he could have said this right after the cut, but he waited. I'm not sure if it's key to the facts but he didn't jump on the cut to give Dana shit.   this is probably another situation where no one is free from criticism on how things went down.

BigTedBear site profile image  

4/10/14 5:28 PM by BigTedBear

Ryan was always going to have a hard time with a lot to live up too but not letting Randy corner his boy was a bit cheap but hardly surprising.