Lombard makes the case for a title shot


On the same card Johny Hendricks beat Robbie Lawler to become the new welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley beat Carlos Condit, and Hector Lombard beat the now released Jake Shields. Nick Diaz was cageside, hoping for a title shot too. That same night UFC color commentator Joe Rogan said he thought the next contender should be Rory MacDonald. And at the post fight press conference, Hendricks said he most wants to fight GSP again.

When asked if he knew who the next contender would be, White was succinct.

"Nope," he explained.

Against that backdrop, Lombard makes the case.

Hector Lombard @HectorLombard
Lombard vs Hendricks - It's Time!


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Old NHB Wiz site profile image  

4/12/14 6:15 PM by Old NHB Wiz

Ya, too bad Condits hurt would have liked to see that one too.

rkm456 site profile image  

4/12/14 5:17 PM by rkm456

Old NHB Wiz - Those are the exact fights I'd most like to see. Unfortunately they both have dance partners at this point. We'll have to just wait and see what happen.

Old NHB Wiz site profile image  

4/12/14 4:43 PM by Old NHB Wiz

Lawler or Brown would be my pick for him to fight next. Either way good chance someone is going to sleep :)

kawapes site profile image  

4/12/14 4:37 PM by kawapes

Agreed. However, Tyrone was tailor made to beat Jake as well but he lost. Rory has a loss to Lawler and his win over Jake was super lack luster.

rkm456 site profile image  

4/12/14 3:06 PM by rkm456

How about one of these guys?1 Robbie Lawler2 Rory MacDonald3 Carlos Condit4 Tyron Woodley5 Jake Ellenberger7 Matt Brown8 Demian Maia9 Tarec Saffiedine10 Dong Hyun Kim

Old NHB Wiz site profile image  

4/12/14 1:53 PM by Old NHB Wiz

So who does Lombard need to beat in his next fight to qualify for a title shot now that Diaz chickened out ?

Herman Munster site profile image  

4/12/14 5:33 AM by Herman Munster

^ GSP was tailor made to beat Shields. Where was Shields grappling vs GSP? Jake couldn't even sniff GSP with his grappling. It was no where to be found. Any takedown attempt was easily thwarted off by GSP. GSP made his few attempts look like dog shit and took away any will or confidence Jake may have had to further try and grapple with GSP. Granted Jake made the last couple of rounds closer than the fight should have been after GSP was half blinded from having his eye sockets finger fucked nearly half a dozen times, but there is no question GSP remained stylistically a horrible match up, and had a tailor made style to beat Shields. Lombard doesn't deserve shit. Marquart and Shields wins don't cut it. UFC can't be stupid enough to give Lombard a title shot for beating a guy they just cut. Rory is fighting Ellenberger, Lawler, Maia, and now Tyrone Woodley in the span of a year. That's called earning your shot. Lombard does not deserve to fight for a title before the Rory/Woodley winner.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

4/12/14 3:09 AM by PrettyBoy

Nobody is tailor made to beat Shields. Not even the great GSP. The last guy everyone said was tailor made to beat Shields was Hendo and look how that turned out. Nobody that has gone to a decision with Shields has come out smelling completely like roses but Lombard came out looking pretty damn good.

rkm456 site profile image  

4/12/14 1:25 AM by rkm456

^ThisPeople seem to have quickly forgotten that he coasted/looked to be slowing down. Nothing screams "I GOT NEXT" quite like ending your fight on the wrong side of a guillotine. Oh, "I'm not very happy with my performance" isn't exactly a glowing review of your performance. I did enjoy that montage where the majority of the highlights belonged to the other guy. I like watching Hector fight when he's pressing for the finish, but I don't see how anyone can possibly say that a guy who just moved his UFC record over .500 for the first time since entering the promotion is deserving of a title shot.

NatualBornTickler site profile image  

4/11/14 8:17 PM by NatualBornTickler

Yerp Lombard vs Hendricks will be a barn burner. Then book woodley vs Rory for next spot on the same card. Hell I'd buy it