Rousey vs. Davis booked for UFC 175

by Chris Palmquist |

The past week a lot of speculation has been floating around about a fight between Gina Carano and Ronda Rousey, but that has been put to rest, at least temporarily, as tonight Dana White announced that Rousey will defend her UFC title at UFC 175 versus Alexis Davis:

Ronda Rousey vs Alexis Davis Saturday, July 5th for the women’s bantamweight title in Las Vegas for International Fight Week!!!

read official Twitter...

This will again be a fast turn around for Rousey who just defended her belt in February. Davis is 16-5 as a professional and on an impressive five fight win streak, including three wins inside the UFC octagon.

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Predator Pierre site profile image  

4/14/14 11:01 AM by Predator Pierre

"Biggest star" .. Meaning most well known and after less than 2 years as the champion she's got roles in the expendables 3 with the biggest movie stars in the world and also fast and furious.So I'd say say she is one of the biggest stars and is only going to get more famous bringing more eyes to the UFC making the sport more main stream. Even if you don't like her this is a good thing.

Fabefromfort site profile image  

4/14/14 2:52 AM by Fabefromfort

UFC's biggest star will get a minus 300 000 PPV card. Its official. Man there isn't a single card I can see on the horizon that I will purchase. Jones-Gustaffson , but, that isn't even in the conversation yet. Weidman-Jones but that's light years away. Time to simply book out, sign off and say adios for now.

kevsh site profile image  

4/13/14 11:40 PM by kevsh

This card can't possibly stay like this, too many big names for the new UFC ... Clearly, they are anticipating cancelling at least one of them.

JustAnotherMMAFan site profile image  

4/13/14 10:14 PM by JustAnotherMMAFan

Alexis Davis offers some risk to Ronda. She works very, very well from her guard and is very active on her back. She's a black belt in both Brazilian and Japanese jiu jitsu. In fact, she has the best jiu jitsu between all opponents Ronda faced. Her ground game is brilliant sometimes (it depends on the fight, though.... she made some mistakes against Rosi Sexton). For a good example of her skills, just watch her most recent fight against Shayna Baszler. She won a round from her back! Also, she once nearly armbarred Kyra Gracie in a grappling match. That said, Ronda will win. I don't think she can stop the takedowns, and, once Ronda is on top, she is pretty devastating. I think Ronda will win, but I am rooting for Alexis. 

Gennady Goblin site profile image  

4/13/14 8:37 PM by Gennady Goblin

That's an interesting statement. Would you mind showing your work and explaining the mathematical equation you used to reach that conclusion?Edit: And if you wanted to explain why you spell Hendricks "Hendrix" and GSP "gSp", that could be fun too

Richie Muldanno site profile image  

4/13/14 8:11 PM by Richie Muldanno

They didnt even contribute as much as Hendrix/Condit did on the gSp/Diaz ppv

JJLong site profile image  

4/13/14 7:41 PM by JJLong

Anyone who thinks Rousey/Tate was not a big contribution to the buyrate of UFC 168 is a complete fool.

Gennady Goblin site profile image  

4/13/14 7:03 PM by Gennady Goblin

" like how you specifically pick and choose specific events to try and make your weak points."Yes, how silly of me. Comparing Ronda's numbers on her latest title fight against the numbers of all the other champions' latest fights. How dare I be so tricky with my picking and choosing!huh?"You seem like an MMA math kind of guy who would probably tell me Benson Henderson is better than Pettis because he's better than Guida and Guida beat Pettis."You seem like the kind of guy who needs to create fictional statements and put them in others' mouths so you can slay an imaginary dragon. That's called a strawman. It's the best, watch:You seem like a guy who would say it's cool to throw a box of puppies into traffic!!! See now, everyone has to agree with me, or they're on the side of a puppy murderer!!!

BRZ site profile image  

4/13/14 6:53 PM by BRZ

Honestly I feel like Rousey/Davis is a back up plan if Weidman or Machida pull out of their fight.

Fed site profile image  

4/13/14 6:51 PM by Fed

I would imagine when you have a card with multiple champions that when you have to decide which will be the main event, the heavier weight classes take priority over the lighter, e.g. LESNAR-MIR then GSP-ALVES.