Nick Diaz: Tell Roy Jones Jr to buy out my MMA contract


Nick Diaz was in Vegas over the weekend for the Pacquiao fight, and spoke with Marcos Villegas about competing in boxing and in the UFC.

Diaz is currently at an impasse with the UFC. Already under contract, Diaz wants $500,000 to fight, or a title shot, and he wants to box Roy Jones Jr. The UFC apparently does not feel any of those three are to its advantage.

"If I could get somebody to buy my contract out from the UFC, I'd be fighting too out here [boxing in Vegas]."

"Tell those guys [Roy Jones Jr.] to buy my contract so we can fight. Get a real fight."

"I'd like to fight at 167 if it was in boxing, but it's whatever. I've had one pro fight. I have a lot of boxing experience of course, working with a lot of pro fighters. Sparrings different than fighting, but hey, I'd love to see what I can do."

"I'd like to fight for the world title, against Johny Hendricks, but these guys [the UFC] are kinda holding out. I'm trying to maybe renegotiate my contract and negotiate some fights for this year. I don't know what will happen, maybe nothing. That's fine tho. Either way I can't complain. I had a good run. I've already had 37 fights pro, but of course I would like to make a boxing run, see how I do.

"I'd love to make  a run. But of course I'm with the UFC right now. So it's always up to Dana White. It's always up to who's got the real money."



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Shill_Detector site profile image  

4/15/14 12:16 PM by Shill_Detector


time traveling 12er site profile image  

4/15/14 3:30 AM by time traveling 12er

I don't think many of his critics think he's a tough guy or a bad person.  I don't know anyone that thinks the guy is actually not a decent guy.  They just don't think he's particularly smart, which isn't exactly the best image for a fighter.  Nice guys might be boring, but they're way better than idiots.

Nate_Diaz_Agent site profile image  

4/15/14 12:43 AM by Nate_Diaz_Agent

I had notting to do with this ...

I Wild Each It site profile image  

4/15/14 12:21 AM by I Wild Each It

I'm not a huge Diaz fan but personally, I like what Nick and Nate are doing. It's about time more fighters started speaking out about fighter pay...or lack thereof. Things aren't going to change until more fighters step up and become vocal about what's going on.

johnyextra site profile image  

4/14/14 11:29 PM by johnyextra

He needs to stop talking and earn the extra coin....loosing your last two fights aint going to get yo a pay rise.

RampageFitsLikeAGlove site profile image  

4/14/14 10:52 PM by RampageFitsLikeAGlove

But does he knows what he's worth? It seems to me that he thinks he knows what he's worth and others disagree, which is why he's sitting on the sidelines. Dude is in his prime and has fought once in the past 26 months. Hopefully he's financially set because he's probably throwing away $1M per year in fight purses, bonuses, sponsors, etc.... I mean, he wants the huge payday, right? Well, he turned down Condit which could have led to a title shot, where he could have made millions per fight had he won. It's like he just wants the UFC to hand him money. He doesn't want to earn it.I have a feeling he's going to look back and regret this someday.

Stephen Holder site profile image  

4/14/14 10:45 PM by Stephen Holder

Yeah hes definitely a little nutty but he knows what hes worth. I love the fact that mma has some of the most humble and respectful athletes of all sports but lately its gotten annoying. I mean its cool as shit that some dude like Kenny Florian who looks like some IT nerd was at one time ACTUALLY an mma fighter who could hurt the fuck outta the average man. After a while though when practically EVERY fighter appears and/or acts like someone you wouldn't assume to be legit tough, its just annoying. Look at a guy like Cain. Theres probably not another human being on this planet who can take a man apart with his bare hands like he can and while the man looks ferocious in the octagon, you find out hes one of the nicest people when he opens his mouth. I love that about him and fighters like him but nowadays EVERYBODY is playin the nice guy. Its become monotonous.I would never suggest that people portray something that they aren't like in the WWE or whatever but this whole 'most mma fighters are some of the nicest people you will ever meet' shit is overkill and its now getting to the point that casual fans aren't able to relate to the product because they cant relate to these guys as fighters. Nick is exactly what you think of when you think of an mma fighter and he would be that way regardless of his profession.

GayGuardMooseSaucy site profile image  

4/14/14 10:11 PM by GayGuardMooseSaucy

Yep. There's a reason he's not trying to become a pro bjj player lol, the money is in boxing.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

4/14/14 9:40 PM by chaplinshouse

wow these post mma interviews he is so much more relaxed and confident. still scans the room like a Blood at a Crypt prom but seems like a new man