MacDonald wants title shot when he beats Woodley


Rory MacDonald was campaigning for an immediate title shot with Johny Hendricks, but with the champion injured, MacDonald will battle Tyron Woodley at UFC 174 in a contender eliminator bout.

It  makes perfect sense that the winner would be the next in line, but MacDonald feels for sure he'll deserve it with the win:

“When I beat Woodley, hopefully [I get a title shot] in the fall or winter in Toronto or Montreal,” MacDonald said. “Hendricks is a great fighter. I have a lot of respect for him. He’s definitely a good fighter, and I’m excited to see him in the future.”

MacDonald has long been pegged as the heir to the throne of former welterweight champion and fellow Canadian Georges St-Pierre. With St-Pierre’s recent hiatus and surgery, the pressure on MacDonald to follow in the footsteps of his training partner has softened.

While he claims he never truly felt much of the pressure, he’s grateful for the opportunity to build his own legacy with a 2014 campaign that could include wins over Woodley and Hendricks.

“I’m striving to be a champion in the welterweight division,” MacDonald said. “I don’t want to fill Georges’ shoes. That’s an impossible task. I don’t want to be Georges. I want to be myself. I want to represent my style of martial arts and my own personality.

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NFABeeJay site profile image  

4/15/14 4:00 PM by NFABeeJay

hahahahahahaha. Oh you.

Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal site profile image  

4/15/14 1:55 PM by Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal

Winner of this vs Matt brown if he beats Erick silva for a title shot. Or if hector gets another win soon I think he is ahead of rory and Woodley right now.

Billyz site profile image  

4/15/14 1:19 PM by Billyz

what about Lombard?I mean if Tyrone wins this one fine Lombard should be next in line in my opinion

cheesesteak site profile image  

4/15/14 10:12 AM by cheesesteak

Rory is going to try and point fight Woodley like he did Robbie. Rory doesn't want to risk his head ending up in the third row

Cain Gastelum site profile image  

4/15/14 3:21 AM by Cain Gastelum

he got the shit beat out of him by Condit. Rory did shit in that fight except lay on Condit. check the stats yourself. Condit did all the damage. just because the scoring is fucked up doesn't mean Rory did any good against Condit, again, he got his ass beat. Rory basically won Round 1 by doing shit except being on top of Condit. Round 2 also didn't have anything of significance. Round 3 was the only decisive Round where damage was done and Rory got his fucking ass beat, BADLY. that 3rd Round is more than Rory did in Round 1 and 2 combined. it was an assrape. same shit with Lawler, the 2nd Round had Rory do very little. Round 3 was the only decisive Round where damage was done and Lawler put Rory on his ass. it being a split decision means dick in that fight too, everyone knows who won that fight.

NFABeeJay site profile image  

4/15/14 2:12 AM by NFABeeJay

Hey, you can't talk about real stuff that really happened in reality!!!

Rahjai MD site profile image  

4/15/14 1:26 AM by Rahjai MD

Woodley has better shot at winning the belt than Rory IMO

AndersonSilvasMoney site profile image  

4/14/14 11:17 PM by AndersonSilvasMoney

Rory is ranked #2, Woodley is ranked #3, and Lawler just fought for the title, so what's the problem with a title shot if Rory were to win? I think Rory takes this one, but you can't sleep on Woodley's power. Should be a good fight.

SgtJustinTeplitz site profile image  

4/14/14 11:12 PM by SgtJustinTeplitz

Rory has earned his shot

zebers3 site profile image  

4/14/14 11:10 PM by zebers3

Hmm so Rory loses to Condit when he was 19 (a fight he was 7 seconds away from winning if the ref let it go) and then loses a split decision to Lawler and now he was never any good. Yet Woodley gets KTFO by Marquardt and 10 months ago was outstruck by and lost to Jake Shields, yet he deserves all of the hype? Not sure I follow this logic.