Ellenberger: Hendricks is definitely beatable


Jake Ellenberger is hoping to earn a shot at the welterweight title with a win over former number one contender Robbie Lawler. And after that, Ellenberger feels like Hendricks a winnable fight for him:

Jake Ellenberger is a genuinely respectful guy, so don’t mistake the following for some form of trash talk. It’s just one man’s opinion. 

And in Ellenberger’s opinion, simply put, Johny Hendricks is no Georges St-Pierre. 

To dethrone St-Pierre, a UFC welterweight would have had to combine a special effort on a special kind of night. Beating Hendricks? Get Ellenberger a cage, 4-ounce gloves and a referee and he’ll accomplish that one for you before suppertime. 

“He’s not like a GSP, where it’s going to take something, you know, some crazy plan to beat him,” Ellenberger told ESPN.com. 

“To beat GSP, everything would have to be pinpoint and precise. With Johny, if you can threaten him with your power and dictate the pace, he’s definitely beatable.” 

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JohnnyB1 site profile image  

4/15/14 8:42 AM by JohnnyB1

Ellenburger is correct, Hendricks is definitely beatable. However, Ellenburger is not the guy to do it.

Tom O'Bedlam site profile image  

4/15/14 8:39 AM by Tom O'Bedlam

lol ok

Kostakio site profile image  

4/15/14 8:36 AM by Kostakio

Do your parents know you're using their computer, young man?

ieswideopen site profile image  

4/15/14 1:14 AM by ieswideopen

Gsp agrees

kawapes site profile image  

4/15/14 1:06 AM by kawapes

Hendicks dick tucked and took the easier stylistically match up against Condit. He knows he sucks against wrestlers with decent striking. GSP and Story beat him while Koscheck, Lawler, Pierce all nearly beat him. Ellenberger is another bad match up for him. Hendicks isn't the most elusive guy so Jake woulda tagged him

BeauTown site profile image  

4/15/14 12:44 AM by BeauTown

I wish this fight happened it nearly did

kawapes site profile image  

4/14/14 11:31 PM by kawapes

Why not? Hendricks has shown that he struggles against guys with good enough wrestling to keep it standing (koscheck, pierce, story, GSP, lawler). Johnny isn't a world class striker at all. He can't utilize the jab like Rory did against Jake. Jake is also quicker and hits just as hard.

kawapes site profile image  

4/14/14 11:29 PM by kawapes

Tko'd not ko'd. Plus it took 35 fights for Jake to get tko'd. Hendricks has like half as many fights. Oh and Hendicks got KTFO by Phil Baroni

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

4/14/14 11:13 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

Jake better be able to go deep in a fight.He is a round 1 monster, and a really cool dude, but Kampmann showed that if you get him tired, it can be advantageous.I think Lawler is going to win this.

WSOF is Great site profile image  

4/14/14 11:06 PM by WSOF is Great

If Ellenberger who fought Jake Shields shows up yeah he's got a a shot but that staring contest shit with Rory won't cut it against Hendricks or Lawler