Bisping: I'm the hardest person to hit in UFC history #Fact


Steph Daniels recently interviewed fifth-ranked UFC middleweight Michael Bisping ahead of his main event fight with eight-ranked Tim Kennedy, Wednesday night at the TUF Nations Finale. 

The pre fight trash talk has been furious between the two, and Bisping reflects back on it, further trashing Kennedy in the process, naturally.

I made the comment about him not representing the armed forces very well because he's acting like an idiot. I'm sure when he was in the service, he was a very good representative, but he's not a soldier any more. He needs to stop going on about it. Good for you, you did a great job. I commend the service you provided for your country, I really do, but you decided to leave the military to fight in the UFC. Your service days are over. Please stop talking about it. Focus on the fight at hand and what you have on your plate now.

He thinks he's clever with the way he went about getting the fight with me, but it's been a double bluff. He thinks he's merely playing with me with all this psychological warfare, like a little puppet, and that I'm going to be fighting in a way that he thinks is beneficial to a win for him.

No, Tim Kennedy, you fucking idiot, I asked for you because you're an easy match-up and I've been a year out of action. You're a good come-back fight. I'm using you as a stepping stone. There ya go. I said it, but that's the fact of the matter. When I completely outclass you on fight night, the world will see that, and then we won't hear from him for quite some time.

Here's a little fact for you; I've got the highest striking defense in UFC history. I'm the hardest person to hit. I also have the second most significant strikes. When I get in the pocket, Tim Kennedy is going to need more than a decent left hook if he thinks he's going to take care of me.

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Fight Matrix lists Bisping at #3 for most significant strikes landed in UFC history, a truly remarkable achievement.

1    Georges St-Pierre     1254
2    Sam Stout     965
3    Michael Bisping     947
4    Frankie Edgar     908
5    BJ Penn     858
6    Rich Franklin     856
7    Chris Lytle     818
8    Nate Diaz     801
9    Forrest Griffin     796
10    Diego Sanchez     720

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GriffinQ site profile image  

4/16/14 6:28 PM by GriffinQ

Guys who downplay their opponents: Stop. Shut the fuck up. Just... Do you not realize how dumb you're being? If you lose, you lost to a shit fighter. If you win, you beat someone you YOURSELF said you should beat. Hyping a fight means selling your opponent as well. Make him out to be a world beater, and STILL profess that you'll end him. Or say it'll be back and forth and that people should tune in to see the fight of the year. You do yourself zero favors if you say "this guy is shit, this fight will be easy, it's just to get a W".

cycklops site profile image  

4/16/14 6:25 PM by cycklops

What are Bisping/Kennedy rankings respectively?

Niners Fan site profile image  

4/16/14 6:08 PM by Niners Fan

Right on the money :)

Sam Ortiz site profile image  

4/16/14 6:00 PM by Sam Ortiz

Voted up !!!!

Mark Hunts Pet Monkey site profile image  

4/16/14 5:47 PM by Mark Hunts Pet Monkey

More like Hendo's way of saying "stfu noob".

Osbot site profile image  

4/16/14 5:42 PM by Osbot

A painting of one of the biggest cheap shots in UFC history!Nice.

Niners Fan site profile image  

4/16/14 5:39 PM by Niners Fan

Heh, yeah Hendo waiting on Line 1. Vitor on Line 2.

Hecklah site profile image  

4/16/14 5:37 PM by Hecklah

Nice to see TRT Vitor made the thread.

UGCTT_CrestRio site profile image  

4/16/14 5:30 PM by UGCTT_CrestRio

Dat first GIF...spectacular

BshMstr site profile image  

4/16/14 5:23 PM by BshMstr

and, it's really not applicable to the article...Fightmetric has the highest significant strike defense and highest strike differential, but Bisping isn't on either one of those lists...