Liddell: 'It's just not OK' to make contact pre fight


During the TUF National Finale weigh ins, Dustin Poirier put his hands on Akira Corassani, who shoved him in return. The pair fight on the main card of the TUF Nations Finale, Live on Fox Sports 1 at 7:00 PM ET.

UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell would have shoved back too, or more. Liddell also expressed disappointment with the Wanderlei Silva vs. Chael Sonnen brawl on the TUF Brazil 3 set.

“I’m sorry, I’m a pretty respectful guy, and I don’t get upset before a fight,” said Liddell to MMAjunkie. “I figure the staredown is for the fans, because we’re not fighting for another 24 hours, so there’s no reason to fight, right? You’re going to get upset right now? You waited too long to get fired up for 24 hours.

“So if someone starts to press my face, I’m immediately pushing them away, if not hitting them. If they come back the wrong way, they’re getting hit. It’s just not OK.”

“To me, touching is not OK. We’re fighting. Don’t touch me. I remember the first time I was fighting in Brazil. I fought ‘Pele’. He came up to me before the fight, bumped into me, threw a shoulder into me at the weigh-ins. I’m like, ‘Dude. C’mon, man. We’re getting paid to fight in 24 hours. C’mon, relax.’ He didn’t understand what I said, I think. But whatever, man. I laughed it off. We’re fighting in 24 hours. Relax.

“There’s no reason to get excited. I understand, and Wanderlei Silva pulling that card, they were teammates. So I get it.”

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DanHendersonsDentures site profile image  

4/16/14 9:42 PM by DanHendersonsDentures

Yeah its Fightville, they have been playing it on showtime alot lately. Anyone know if any other fighters from that doc have made it past the local circuit?

Niners Fan site profile image  

4/16/14 7:19 PM by Niners Fan

Damn good first round!

91W209 site profile image  

4/16/14 7:12 PM by 91W209

I honestly dont know. It was on in the background on showtime extreme and I caught most of it while I was supposed to be studying. I liked it. I wish there were more like it.

Diabeetus site profile image  

4/16/14 6:32 PM by Diabeetus

^Yeah didn't notice that.To be honest, I think they both acted like idiots.

DanHendersonsDentures site profile image  

4/16/14 6:18 PM by DanHendersonsDentures

Watch the video again, Dustin has his hand up. Akira doesnt like it and starts walking into Dustin.

Diabeetus site profile image  

4/16/14 6:13 PM by Diabeetus

And this. Poirier is definitely the one who initiates the push.

Diabeetus site profile image  

4/16/14 6:12 PM by Diabeetus

As far as I'm aware JDS doesn't actually touch his opponent with his fist. Poirier put his hand right against Akira's jaw.

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

4/16/14 5:59 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

That's when you have to Heath Herring them!

dogfb site profile image  

4/16/14 5:52 PM by dogfb

Am I missing something? Looks like Dustin put his fist up to Akira, and it was Dustin who pushed him?   I didn't see Akira push at all?

DanHendersonsDentures site profile image  

4/16/14 5:29 PM by DanHendersonsDentures

If that is the case why does this not happen every time JDS is at the weigh ins?