TUF 19, Episode 1 recap


The first episode featured 16 bouts, 8 at middleweight and 8 at light  heavyweight, with the winners moving into the house to compete for a contract with the UFC.

With the fights over, it’s time for team selection. First, it’s a coin toss to see if the winning coach wants to pick the first fighter or the first fight. Team Edgar wins it and decides to go with the first fighter.

1. Corey Anderson (light heavyweight)
2. Patrick Walsh (light heavyweight)
3. Matt Van Buren (light heavyweight)
4. Todd Monaghan (light heavyweight)
5. Ian Stephens (middleweight)
6. Dhiego Lima (middleweight)
7. Eddie Gordon (middleweight)
8. Hector Urbina (middleweight)

1. Anton Berzon (light heavyweight)
2. Josh Clark (light heavyweight)
3. Daniel Spohn (light heavyweight)
4. Chris Fields (light heavyweight)
5. Mike King (middleweight)
6. Tim Williams (middleweight)
7. Cathal Pendred (middleweight)
8. Roger Zapata (middleweight)

With the selections in the book, Team Penn gets to pick the first fight. The future UFC Hall of Famer takes Pendred, based on his free pass, to meet Urbina, his opponent’s final draft pick. It’s time to start season 19 of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

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Fedoral Crime site profile image  

4/17/14 10:16 PM by Fedoral Crime

I've only seen 1 of his fights before but it looked like wrestling was one of his main strengths. It'll be interesting to see how it compares to this guys.

PisoMojado site profile image  

4/17/14 7:40 PM by PisoMojado

Can anyone tell me more about Pendred's fighting style? Looks like he got matched up with a pretty good wrestler for next week.

JOB site profile image  

4/17/14 7:12 PM by JOB

Looking forward to seeing Pendred fight next week!

sadic1 site profile image  

4/17/14 11:28 AM by sadic1

This has potential to be one of the best seasons ever. 2 of the most exciting divisions in MMA where there is real potential for devastating finishes, and the hilarity of Penn and Coleman, hard to imagine what could make this suck.

CaptChaos site profile image  

4/17/14 10:10 AM by CaptChaos

I love BJ but his strategy thus far is interesting. He didn't know he got the 1st fight after Frankie got the 1st pick.

TheLumberjackLisi site profile image  

4/17/14 6:43 AM by TheLumberjackLisi

Told you about Spohn and King. Watch out. It's just beginning.

Fedoral Crime site profile image  

4/17/14 5:32 AM by Fedoral Crime

I'm just half way through it now. That Poppie guy seemed like a freak. He would've been funny if he got in the house.And that guy blondie/albino guy, Gabel I think his name was looked like the stalker guy from the movie The Bodyguard. How did Cathal Pendred get through without fighting? It's hard to believe that they couldn't find 1 other fighter that was willing to fight him. Nothing against Pendred, Im glad he made it but it just seems a bit weird that he didn't have to fight.I think I'll actually watch this series. They picked good weight classes this season. There also seems to be a great mix of good characters and also some unintentionally funny characters.

BobSherob site profile image  

4/17/14 4:54 AM by BobSherob

Haha. When I see Dana's face in that gif I for some reason think. Oh god, yes more money.

StephenLangdown site profile image  

4/17/14 3:19 AM by StephenLangdown

Wtf? I have fight pass but don't live in the US. How am I supposed to watch this?

knoc site profile image  

4/17/14 3:11 AM by knoc

anyone have a link to the replay of this episode?