Marlon Wayans wants Rousey to armbar his...


Actor, producer, comedian, writer, and director Marlon Wayans, 41, is the youngest of the ten Wayans siblings. Youngest children notoriously vie for attention, and in a recent appearance on The Conan O'Brien show, Wayans, well, he became a UGer.

Wayans' interest in MMA came to light when the UFC Twitter account re-tweeted this.

marlon wayans @MarlonWayans
This is hot!!!! Girl on girl! #ufc @ufc @rondaroussey I just wanna smell her training gloves and feet…

When questioned about it by O'Brien, Wayans doubled down.

Conan O'Brien: You tweeted something recently I have to ask you about. You tweeted about UFC fighter Ronda Rousey. And you said that you...what was it that you said? That you wanted to. You have sort of a fixation with her?

Marlon Wayans: Um

Conan O'Brien: You wanted to smell her training gloves and feet wraps? Did you tweet that?

Marlon Wayans: Ya, but here's why. 

Conan: You either did or you didn't. You were sort of acting like 'we are we getting with this Conan' and then suddenly it went to 'Yaaaa'.

Marlon Wayans: Well here's the thing. I say that in a good way. Cause I know there's pheromones in those gloves and feet wraps. And I have a crush on her. I think she's dope.

Conan O'Brien: We have a picture of her actually wailing away on someone. And so...

Marlon Wayans: That's just sexy ain't it? Look how aggressive she is. There's something just about a woman that can you kick your behind. There's just something sexy about it. I want Laila Ali to just punch me in the face. I want her to just take me...cause she does this armbar.

Conan O'Brien: You want to be beaten by a women is what you're saying?

Marlon Wayans: Well just some professionally, professionally though. So I want to wrestle around with her and I want her...I got a fantasy man I want to wrestle around with her. She makes people tap out.  In like three minutes. She  makes them tap out because grabs their arm and she breaks it back. I want her to grab my penis, and just grab it and pull it back...until I tap out. Tap tap tap tap tap tap.

Conan O'Brien: You won't have to tap out. She'll know when your will be obvious


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theoutsiders site profile image  

4/19/14 3:54 AM by theoutsiders

Yes, and it was an amazing movie. Apparently to the UG scary movie was the best he's done lol

Rob Collins site profile image  

4/19/14 3:44 AM by Rob Collins

what an idiot

thorsmitersaw site profile image  

4/18/14 11:40 PM by thorsmitersaw

He was In requiem for a dream.. right?

zackthewop site profile image  

4/18/14 11:36 PM by zackthewop

No a teenage girl would be the one who actually has a Twitter.

EEKS site profile image  

4/18/14 11:29 PM by EEKS

The Wayans Bros. show was hilarious. Love me some pops.

rkm456 site profile image  

4/18/14 10:59 PM by rkm456

Weird that some people know the Wayans Bros did stuff before 2000, right?

Mma4life84 site profile image  

4/18/14 10:11 PM by Mma4life84

Don't be a menace on Conan O'brien while drinking your juice in the hood IMO

time traveling 12er site profile image  

4/18/14 10:03 PM by time traveling 12er

If you don't know how talk shows work, the actor sits down with a writer before the show and they discuss what they want to talk about.  So most likely Marlon requested that the tweet be brought up so he can do this bit.

BooZe site profile image  

4/18/14 9:51 PM by BooZe

Anybody older than 26 I'm sure they do...

TheFaintingGOATClownedAwayMySN site profile image  

4/18/14 9:49 PM by TheFaintingGOATClownedAwayMySN

I laughed