Cerrone, White, Alves, Baczynski earn $50,000 performance bonuses


Tonight at the post-fight press conference for the UFC on FOX 11, UFC President Dana White announced the performance bonuses:

Fight of the Night: Thiago Alves vs. Seth Baczynski

Performance of the Night: Alex White

Performance of the Night: Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrrone

Each athlete earned an additional $50,000 bonus on top of their individual purses.

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NFABeeJay site profile image  

4/20/14 6:28 PM by NFABeeJay

Mma but Boxes as well.

OmgItsTheWams site profile image  

4/20/14 10:32 AM by OmgItsTheWams

Just read the back story I will always root for him

OmgItsTheWams site profile image  

4/20/14 10:23 AM by OmgItsTheWams

Ok will check out the story will be rooting hard for him and what is his background just mma or specialize in a certain area

Heikki Mustola site profile image  

4/20/14 10:11 AM by Heikki Mustola

Damn he comes up as a likeable guy. Read that article too, thanks for that link Inspector Lunge. Im a new fan of his, great victory and absolutely loved that calmness he had after the fight. He reminds me of something..Very glad to see that he got that bonus as well, it must be very exciting and fantastic, especially for a newcomer. Must be great to see his success for his friends here tooAll the best for him! I have only seen one fight of his now, but I can tell this, fighters like him I look up to. And not just because I am a manlet, but I really respect people like him.And woah. Looks like he is undefeated in MMA amateur and pro fights and also in boxing + kickboxing. Impressive!

BeauTown site profile image  

4/20/14 10:07 AM by BeauTown

All well deserved ! Cerrone did it again! Guy is a beast can't wait to see who is next for him

NFABeeJay site profile image  

4/20/14 10:05 AM by NFABeeJay

He never fought for us cause he was already a pro when we got rolling. I was a part of his team for a few years and became pretty good friends. JSM was a coach of his and helped him quite a bit. The speech problem came as a result of the gasoline.

OmgItsTheWams site profile image  

4/20/14 9:44 AM by OmgItsTheWams

Question for both Did he fight for NFA?and is his speech issue an actual issue or was he just choked up by the moment? Does he train with you or just a good kid from the area?

nostripe site profile image  

4/20/14 5:11 AM by nostripe

Cerrone's last disclosed pay was 48/48, so yeah, he's got some play money.

Theflesh22 site profile image  

4/20/14 4:57 AM by Theflesh22

All deserving winners! Cerrone is unreal.

Theflesh22 site profile image  

4/20/14 4:48 AM by Theflesh22

Werdum probably brought home a nice locker room check.