Miesha: I thought Liz probably won the fight


Miesha Tate got her first win in the UFC Saturday night, a narrow decision over Liz Carmouche at UFC on FOX 11.

In a refreshing change from the men's division where a guy who lost all three rounds will throw his hands up at the final bell, Tate said she thought she had lost.

At the post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White said he thought Tate lost too.

"I thought Liz won rounds one and two, and I thought Miesha won the third round," said White. "But it's one of those things where if you look at the second round,  Liz didn't really do any damage. She took her down, she held her. If you give Miesha points for submission attempts, it's not crazy to say that Miesha won the fight either.

"If you want to guarantee yourself a victory, take the judges out of it - finish fights. I'm sure other people thought Liz won the fight too, but if you look at what Liz did, just laid on her and didn't do any damage, it's not crazy to say that you could give the second round to Miesha."

Tate was asked if immediately after the fight, she was confident she won it. 

"No I wasn't confident I won it, to be perfectly honest," said Tate. "I really thought that… I honestly actually thought that Liz probably won the fight, because she had more riding time. But I haven't watched the fight. That's just what was going through my mind.

"I knew she won round 1. Round 2, like I said, she kinda just held me there for a while. And from what I heard from other people, the reason that the judges said I won Round 2 was based on damage - the fact that I was staying busy when she was just holding me. I was trying to throw elbows, I had the guillotine attempt, I had the sweep and popped up and did some damage, towards the end of the round. 

"The reason I won the round the round was just based on damage. That's all I can really say - I haven't watched the fight."

Miesha explained why she was so reserved in the first round.

I was just trying not to be a psycho in the fight," said Tate.

"I was struggling with a mental hurdle. Losing two in a row is really rough. And, starting to think, you know, 'am I cursed?' just going through all those weird questions.

"I started off slow. There's a fine line, for me, between thinking and going. And, when I go, that's what happens in the third round. When I'm thinking, that's what happens in the first round. It took me a minute to be like, 'you know what? I've got to go.'"

“I just decided to start wrestling because I needed to turn it around. The crowd got me to pick up the momentum between rounds.

“Liz is so tough, I think (the choke) would have put away anybody else in the division. But she was going out before she was tapping out.”

"I'm definitely capable of better. Anyone who has ever seen me fight can say, yeah, it's not typical for me to start to slow. I did, this fight. But, I'm over the hurdle now."

"I won the fight. I'm happy. I got my first UFC victory and I think that's going to motivate me more."

Tate also said that for her next fight she was interested in Sarah Kaufman or Holly Holm.

“I think Sarah Kaufman would be a great fight. I lost to her back in Strikeforce,” said Tate. “And the boxing girl (Holly Holm). I think she needs to come over to the UFC. She has a lot of hype and is she wants to climb her way to the top, I would be a good start.”

Tate added that she would fight Gina Carano on the spot.

“I’d like it,” said Tate. “I’ll take that fight all day long, for sure. I mean, I’ll fight anybody, but I’d love to fight Gina.”

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ArthurKnoqOut site profile image  

4/21/14 8:06 PM by ArthurKnoqOut

MMA is like a video game, bro. Duh, you can just left-right-a-B-L1 it for the FATALITY WIN!!!

Mr Spliff site profile image  

4/21/14 5:22 PM by Mr Spliff

I had the same. Bigger fan of Miesha after hearing she said this though.

Vote me down site profile image  

4/21/14 3:36 PM by Vote me down

Whats up with the finish fights shit from Dana, like it's a switch you just turn on. I'm sure if every fighter had that ability no one would get out of the first. Dana you goof.

hackett site profile image  

4/21/14 3:33 PM by hackett

I see where White is coming from. I thought Tate won, but nothing would have surprised me when that score was announced. Everyone knows who won the first. I like scoring that second round even at 10-10, and scoring the third 10-8 Tate for the near-finish, but that second could go either way. Pretty good fight. It's too bad that it hit record low numbers for a UFC on Fox -- seems a lot of people missed a really good show. There's just too much UFC out there now IMO Anyone else wish this was five rounds? Both contended for the title recently and it seems the fight could have developed further.

doerksenfan site profile image  

4/21/14 12:41 PM by doerksenfan

I remember watching the fight live, and in the 2nd, I was starting to tune out/get bored as shit after Carmouche's lay and pray, but Miesha's submission attempts and top position punches woke me up. I think the judges gave Miesha that 2nd round for waking them up as well.Anyone else catch Tate @ +480 after the 2nd? I though that line was insane, so I jumped on that. I wonder if anyone else was as fortunate.

Genghis84 site profile image  

4/21/14 12:35 PM by Genghis84

Miesha was the same way after the first Rousey loss. She was extremely lucky to be facing Kedzie that night. Had that been someone better (Davis, McMann, Nunes), she's likely staring at an 0-3 losing streak. I doubt she would have gotten the TUF coaching spot or a gifted title shot last year with that kind of a record. Although you never know with the UFC.

Genghis84 site profile image  

4/21/14 12:22 PM by Genghis84

Miesha knows firsthand that the unified rules typically reward take downs and LNP (see her Finney win). This just happened to be one of the rare times the judges got it right.

JustAnotherMMAFan site profile image  

4/21/14 6:19 AM by JustAnotherMMAFan

I agree she always has excuses... but, then again, any other fighter can say that. That said, 1) her confidence is definitely broken; 2) for the first time, I saw her shaking her hands, when Liz got the first takedown. Not making excuses for her, but she was nervous and that was not her best self. Even when she was beat by Cat Zingano, she brought it to her in rounds 1 and 2 and was much more aggressive. Heck, she was more aggressive against Rousey.

newjack900 site profile image  

4/20/14 8:55 PM by newjack900

I scored it 10-9, 10-9, 8-10 for the draw w Liz winning the first 2

Endowedwelter site profile image  

4/20/14 4:48 PM by Endowedwelter

She said she thought Liz won. If she said hell ya I won but I didn't do as good blah blah blah then fine.