White: Carano deserves Rousey fight on day one


Last week Dana White met with Gina Carano to discuss her fighting future and finally this weekend he expanded on their conversation to the media:

"I'm confident that we will (sign her) but we'??ll see what happens,"?? White said. "Until we have a deal, we're not even thinking about anything.

"I feel like it's going to happen, but crazier s--t has happened."

"Wait till you guys here what this girl has to say," White teased.  "It's absolutely fascinating talking to her.  I don't ever use this word ever, I don't think I've ever used it in my life -- she's one of the most charming human beings that I have ever met.  When you sit down and listen to what she has to say about fighting, it's awesome."

"I do think she does (deserve Ronda on day one)," White said. "She's legit, everybody knows she's legit.  When I met with her, if some of these people said half the s--t to me that she said to me when we met, I'd love it.  I love what she had to say and I'm excited.  I hope I get a deal done with her."

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Decimated site profile image  

4/25/14 6:39 PM by Decimated

If i had been fired from every job like that guy probably has, i'd say things on message boards such as "kill yourself". UFC always hangs in the balance between being a league and a show, and it's veering towards "Show" status.  Bring some old washed up great named Gina Carano, get in her a fight where she wins lots of money even if losing, and watch the box office numbers skyrocket.  It's nothing but a hype bubble they are intentionally creating.  I might even boycott the fight, for what nothing that'd be worth.  Ronda knows she'll win, Ronda will stretch the fight out like a seasoned actor (action star i should say) so that Gina's loss won't look too pathetic. They'l have a big "we're all sisters in this together" hug afterwards, and Ronda will blab some speech i'm sure she already is rehearsing in her puffed up head.

58miles site profile image  

4/25/14 3:42 PM by 58miles

Everything I just posted doesn't take away from the fact that a Carano vs Rousey fight is nothing more than a shameless money grab. Besides if she loses Gina will just retire again like she did before. The sad part is if she wins it makes women's mma look like a complete joke.

the CREamcatcher site profile image  

4/25/14 3:35 PM by the CREamcatcher

very fair point!

58miles site profile image  

4/25/14 3:28 PM by 58miles

I agree 100% that Gina Carano has no business fighting for a title 5 years after her last fight, 6 years after her last win and 8 years after she last beat an opponent coming off a win, I still think the evolution of women's mma since she's been gone is highly overrated. Just watch Kaufman vs Smith or Tate vs Carmouche.

Dogman site profile image  

4/22/14 8:11 AM by Dogman

First post of a retard. Go away you fucking noob retard!

JustAnotherMMAFan site profile image  

4/22/14 7:33 AM by JustAnotherMMAFan

Even prior to her fight with Cyborg, I think Gina was coming from a long layoff... around a year. I really, really, really like Gina, but competition went up a few notches, and I think she would likely be beat by any of the UFC's top ten 135 lbs. fighters. At 145 lbs, she likely hits harder than most of these girls, but we don't know how she would perform at 135 lbs (strength and cardio-wise). McMann, Kaufman, Eye and Zingano are way faster and more athletic than Gina, and most of these girls are more well-rounded (superior wrestling and ground game). I do think that she would be defeated by the top four 145 lbers. as well (Cyborg, Coenen, Ediene Gomes and Julia Budd). Rousey would defeat Gina at her finest, let alone after coming from a long layoff... and we still don't know if she can make weight.  Ronda and Dana know it. They want her to lose to Ronda herself, and not to someone else, because that's where the money is. 

banco site profile image  

4/22/14 1:13 AM by banco

Ummm because there's a decent chance she will lose and the big payday will be gone.

attjack site profile image  

4/22/14 1:03 AM by attjack

Why would not want to take some fights to knock the rust off?

Glovegate site profile image  

4/21/14 11:45 PM by Glovegate

"What's stupid is to suggest everybody uses so Cyborg looks less guilty. "What's stupid is to all of a sudden pretend everybody doesn't just so you can protect your golden girl.

easedel site profile image  

4/21/14 11:39 PM by easedel

Is this from the onion? It can't be serious.