New York Times: Jones the 'perfect ambassador' for MMA


UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is receiving extensive coverage prior to his fight Saturday night with challenger Glover Teixeira Saturday night, live on PPV. He appeared on “Live with Kelly and Michael," had an afternoon interview with Little Bow Wow, and was profiled in the New York Times.

Athough Jones has a sometime edgy relationship with the hardcore fanbase, the New York Times piece was laudatory, calling him the face of the sport and a perfect ambassador. And the journalist, William C. Rhoden, clearly had some qualms about the sport itself.

Thoughtful, even philosophical about the sport he dominates, Jones is the perfect ambassador for a polarizing sport.

During a break between interviews, I asked Jones why he thought society needed another brutal sport.

Jones answered by underlining the merits of martial arts.

“Teaching martial arts is moving us toward a more peaceful society,” he argued, “because fighting creates confidence, and confident people tend not to make dumb decisions. They tend to feel more comfortable in their own skin and not feeling like they have to prove anything.”

Asked which sport — boxing or MMA — was more brutal, Jones said, “I think MMA can be seen as more brutal because of the ground and pound, and things that people aren’t comfortable seeing.”

“A lot of boxers see themselves as fighters. They believe they can knock anybody out. They can be arrogant, especially the stars of boxing.

“Most MMA fighters tend to have a little more pride in things like discipline, pride, honor and integrity, Each sport has its level of brutality, but that’s the price you pay to be a fan or to be an actual participant.”

Jones is proof that you can be a fan of the individual without being a fan of the sport.

“I try not to overthink it,” he said when asked if he felt pressure of being the face of UFC.

“I’ve been in the fast lane pretty much the majority of my career,” Jones said. “I don’t really feel any pressure. I’m really comfortable with expectations.

“The fast lane is my comfort zone."

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VinnyTheChin site profile image  

4/27/14 11:38 PM by VinnyTheChin

Love the end of the article which basically states you can like Jones, he is a decent guy, but the sport sucks.

tom gunning site profile image  

4/26/14 12:25 PM by tom gunning

So what exactly has Jon Jones done or said that would lead you to lump him in to the category of "nigga with a brain"? The guy has a community college education, seems to have no investment whatsoever in identifying as a black American, and puts his foot in his mouth pretty much every time he opens it. I wouldn't deny there is a lot of very overt racism in this country and amongst MMA fans in particular, but to act like Jones is some kind of radical figure like Ali who is hated for being "uppity" is absurd. Personality-wise the guy is as close to an Uncle Tom or a "house-negro" as you can get. I mean, the guy narced on people for smoking weed, for Christ's sake.

tom gunning site profile image  

4/26/14 12:19 PM by tom gunning


NickDiazsSpinningBackfist site profile image  

4/25/14 5:34 PM by NickDiazsSpinningBackfist

I really got VD twice for that post. Thats brutal.

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

4/25/14 5:11 PM by SQUEEZIE

hate hate hate. lol, sad little bitches.

Riddlius site profile image  

4/25/14 4:06 PM by Riddlius

Jones, ok. But Rousey? Really? Better than Barao, Aldo, and Cain? I disagree

Koga site profile image  

4/25/14 4:00 PM by Koga

Jones and Rousey are the 2 best fighters in the world. I love to see haters scramble to find new opponents they are purportedly ducking as they clear out the best opponents in the 2 most competitive divisions in Mma.

4-eyed Virgin site profile image  

4/25/14 3:18 PM by 4-eyed Virgin


Nonlinear site profile image  

4/25/14 3:11 PM by Nonlinear

the reason everyone hates him is because he is a rich uppity negro with talents gifts and a brain, pretty much the scariest thing ever.  If everyone were thrown on the savanna together the Jones bros would be ruling all from a throne made of human skulls while they make babies with the widows and daughters and grand daughters of their enemies. "I have a Stephen King horrow movie, 'Nigga with a brain', we'll see how that scares people.  Niggas in school, how about that Stephen?" -Paul Mooney

NickDiazsSpinningBackfist site profile image  

4/25/14 2:55 PM by NickDiazsSpinningBackfist

This is 100% correct. VU.