Jones: I had not heard cheers in a long time


UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is the greatest fighter in mixed martial arts, but he is far from the most popular.

At UFC 172 in Baltimore Jones heard an unfamiliar sound. As Jones walked to the cage he did the Squirrel Dance, popularized by retired Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis, and the crowd exploded. Throughout the night he had the crowd.

Squirrel Dance Off

"It was just great to have the crowd on my side again," said Jones at the UFC 172 post fight press conference. "It has been a long time, since I've had cheers. I figured it would be that way so I said let me really embrace this, let me really give this audience some entertainment. So it was just great. I was living it up. I figured Ray Lewis would be there, a lot of Ravens would be there, so I was just playing it up, and practiced that dance all day, and aced it, I hear. I haven't seen it yet. Ray was happy and, yeah, I'm happy."

"The people of Baltimore, they still Arthur, they still respect him a lot. Arthur gets a great reception here… It's great to see that the love is still there. And obviously it trickled into my world, too - I got a lot of respect, and a lot of cheers, which made me feel amazing. I really do appreciate it. I mean the boos I've learned to live with, but it's so rewarding to get some love and respect for once."


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I LOVE DIAZ  (no homo) site profile image  

4/29/14 3:32 PM by I LOVE DIAZ (no homo)

you said it just some more swagger jacking.

kevsh site profile image  

4/29/14 3:09 PM by kevsh

Techno Bones

chaplinshouse site profile image  

4/29/14 1:42 PM by chaplinshouse

lol. hard to answer yet you say "Hell no" at him being the best. makes sense

Smith1234 site profile image  

4/29/14 11:10 AM by Smith1234

Good for Jon. He's a great fighter, and I'm glad the positive fan reception made him happy. Full stop.

WickedWyatt234 site profile image  

4/29/14 11:05 AM by WickedWyatt234

Honestly this sport is so unpredictable it's kind of hard to answer that.

in_different site profile image  

4/29/14 3:43 AM by in_different

Im not saying he is the greatest fighter. But he is among themGloverGusRampageRashadLyotoShogunSonnenVitorHe finished 5 of those 8 guys. Only 1 of the remaining 3 even won a round

mijo site profile image  

4/29/14 3:39 AM by mijo

He looks stupid doing that dance. Seriously.

KnockoutThoughts site profile image  

4/29/14 3:13 AM by KnockoutThoughts

Jones won me as a fan in his last fight. His happy go lucky personality shone through as well. I think that's what got me. He finally looked like he let loose and was having fun. Anyone who can continue to hate on this kid has personal deep rooted issues. He was kinda phony with his holier than thou and subtle disguised arrogance before, but I don't blame him for being a little cocky. The guy is a monster. He has earned that right at this point. Also I think he truly wants to be a good role model which is why he looks like he is trying too hard sometimes. Let the kid grow up. He found himself in that last fight. Keep grinding Jones. Also, I really want to see a Anthony Johnson vs Jon Jones matchup in the near future. I think this reborn AJ might solve the puzzle, and I wouldn't have a favorite. Two very talented monsters.