Coach: Jones crank 'disfigured' Teixeira's shoulder, MRI wed


UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones beat Glover Teixeira Saturday with a mauling inside game that was Glover's strongest suit.

"My right shoulder, I might have a broken rib, this guy is tough," said Glover post fight. "He took my best shots, he took my left hook maybe three or four times. I was dry, he surprised me with that. He came at me with a different thing every time."

Teixeira's trainer, the highly respected John Hackleman, discussed it in an extended interview.

"I've never seen Glover lose a fight like this," said Hackleman. "I've never seen Glover bleeding. I've never seen Glover hurt so bad. Glover hurt his right shoulder really bad in the first round. The first round! That's not an excuse, because Jon Jones hurt his shoulder.

"So, just like when Tyron Woodley hurt Condit's knee, and then they said, well, he fought him with a hurt knee - yah, but Woodley hurt his knee. Jon Jones hurt Glover's shoulder in the tie up on the clinch against the cage, tweaked his shoulder and he hurt it. So Glover couldn't use his right hand very well... You see me in the corner trying to get him to throw that right hand harder. He told me in one round, 'Hey, can you get some ice on it?'"

"Sometimes he has shoulder problems, from training too much. He never said he has an actual torn ligament, or torn tendon. So we found that out afterwards. It was obvious, it was actually disfigured and swollen. You could tell there was something seriously wrong with it. He's going to have an MRI Wednesday."

"The fact that he fought with it... besides the massive, gaping cut above his eye. Right above his eye. And the thinks that he has a broken rib too. But it wasn't. Again Jon Jones caused all these injuries."

At the post fight press conference, Jones discussed cranking the shoulder.

"That's a move that I've been doing since I was a little boy in wrestling," said Jones. "It was one of the things you couldn't do on your wrestling partners because it's dirty in wrestling, but it's always there when someone has an underhook on you, and you have an overhook, you can just crank their arm."

"I knew it was there. It was nothing studied or anything, I just felt it in the fight, and always wanted to do it in those wrestling matches and finally got to hit it on somebody. I felt his elbow pop two times. I heard the 'pop, pop' and I was like 'ah nice', so I'm glad I got to hit that on him."

Some fans have charged that the move is dirty. That is ignorant. MMA is a hurting game, and Jones hurt Teixeira with it, to great effect. In a professional fight, a submission need not to applied any more gradually that a straight right.

Although Jones apparently improvised the move, it was popularized by Shinya Aoki, who does it from the underhook rather than the overhook, and is practiced extensively by AACC, among other teams.

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UGCTT_Fillthy site profile image  

4/30/14 2:14 AM by UGCTT_Fillthy please?GM Helio keeping it street

HoldYerGround site profile image  

4/30/14 1:04 AM by HoldYerGround

The move Aoki does is completely different than the Jones technique. It's the same move that Mir used, but from a standing position.It's actually a pretty old technique, but we just never really see it in the octagon. There is a video of Rickson and Royler showing this technique during a demonstration in a ring (Pride?) in Japan.Dave Camarillo actually has a bizarre entry into a flying armlock to counter the position. I think he calls it the "chaotic" or something.

sevr1 site profile image  

4/29/14 6:37 PM by sevr1

I wonder if Mir worked that w/ Jones in Abq?

4-eyed Virgin site profile image  

4/29/14 1:51 PM by 4-eyed Virgin

Just realized this is a self defense move we learned in bjj

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4/29/14 1:25 PM by truewrestler

That's just because of the angle of the camera in the gif

DanTheWolfman site profile image  

4/29/14 8:29 AM by DanTheWolfman

I spent a lot of time putting this vid together showing different applications of similar type cranks...hope it stays up considering it got moved unfairly within an hour for some reason.................

caposa site profile image  

4/29/14 8:02 AM by caposa

Jones is a bad man

Acecool72 site profile image  

4/29/14 7:54 AM by Acecool72

Looks like Mir is focusing on the elbow more than the shoulder

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4/29/14 6:34 AM by French Toast

Didn't frank mir do something similar a few years ago , can't remember against who.. nearly got a submission off it from his back.