GSP vs. Overeem: the Interrogation Room Battle


Following the arrest of Alistair Overeem, Officers Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz interrogate "The Reem" and get to the root of his exotic animal obsession. 

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Ryan Black site profile image  

4/30/14 8:05 AM by Ryan Black

^^^LOL, and VTFU

Chhem site profile image  

4/29/14 3:20 PM by Chhem

Not familiar with wallid. Who is he?

ChrisWeidmanLEGitWon site profile image  

4/29/14 1:15 PM by ChrisWeidmanLEGitWon

That's an awesome idea.

Chuckliddellstein site profile image  

4/29/14 12:16 PM by Chuckliddellstein

I think you're right, I'm sure he's Canadian, wasn't he on the MMA hour? I could be completely wrong about that too though haha.It would be great to see little sketches in between the prelims and the main card or even a pre event cartoon that takes place before or after the countdown!

Darth Ryase site profile image  

4/29/14 11:32 AM by Darth Ryase

Awesome lol

Ryan Black site profile image  

4/29/14 8:22 AM by Ryan Black

I'm pretty sure the creator/impersonator behind the voices/dialogue is not American.That was great though. You have to appreciate the damn good impressions, this guy sounds exactly like GSP.The goofy look on Allistair's face as his lawyer, Wallid, is talking and trying to get him out of it had me cracking up. Another great cartoon. This should be a 20 minute show, with multiple scenarios and characters. FOX is backing it now, would love to see this thing blow-up.

XIII site profile image  

4/29/14 6:49 AM by XIII

Voices are always great but this one was pretty terrible IMO.

Lurking since 1987 site profile image  

4/29/14 6:40 AM by Lurking since 1987

He can't, he says it's to eggcellent.

ThePeoplesYhundi site profile image  

4/29/14 6:18 AM by ThePeoplesYhundi

That was good no I don't hear any cow bells had me laughing