Hackleman to Jones: Don't be a douchebag, it's unChristian


Leading up to the UFC 172 main event between champion Jon Jones and challenger Glover Teixeira , UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell said repeatedly that Glover Teixeira would win it, and that in his prime, he would have beaten Jones too.

"I think I would have been a horrible matchup for him," said Liddell. "I would have walked through his punches and he wouldn’t have caught me with anything… I would have found a way to hit him, and I hit too hard."

Liddell's friend and former trainer John Hackleman is the long-time trainer of Glover Teixeira.

The day after the fight, Jones took to Instagram, and rubbed it in.

Talking all that trash before the fight.. you mad bro?

Now in an interview with MMA Fight Hub, Hackleman has some pointed advice for Jones.

Fight Hub TV: Did you think that the arm crank and eye pokes were “dirty fighting”?

John Hackleman: I don’t think it was dirty for the arm crank. I think he saw it and the opportunity, I mean if you see it you’re gonna take it, like if you have a kimura you will crank until it breaks or you hit someone’s chin until you knock them out. The eye poke, I think that is the blame on the glove in this fight, there are times when it is blatant but I would not call Jon Jones a dirty fighter because of this past fight, no.

FHTV: Beyond the pre-fight talk, Jones has gone on Instagram and posted a picture of Liddell post fight, poking fun at him after his good friend lost, what do you make of that? (Ed. Note: Time of interview, John Hackleman had not seen the posting, Fight Hub TV emailed the link to him, to which he responded in the interview and via his Twitter)

JH: I hope that Jon’s not posting pictures or doing anything like that. I feel that is disrespectful if he is and not very humble and Christian of him and how he wants us to perceive him. I don’t know, maybe it is his manager or someone in his circle trying to stir the pot or something but that is a douche move. If he did do it or does know about it, I would take them down and have some more respect and I hope it is not him, I have a lot of respect for him. If he knows about it, don’t be a douchebag and do that – take the pictures down, show a little more respect and treat this like a martial art.

FHTV: Looking at it from strictly martial arts, how does our Hawaiian Kempo style differ from traditional Ed Parker, Kenpo Karate?

JH: Night and day between us. They have a lot of the forms and katas still in their system structure and I took that away. I did not see where it was functional or realistic in a real world scenario. I had to do all of it to earn my rank and can remember like a “shooting star stance” or “tiger’s claw” and had to do all of that thinking – when am I going to use this? My teachers would just tell me, do it and when you’re black belt you won’t need to do it again.

Read entire interview...

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Nucky site profile image  

5/2/14 6:13 PM by Nucky

In b4 Gif of Chuck Liddel being caught on the big screen in the UFC stands doing a line of coke off his hand on some sneak shit.

octagon 11 site profile image  

5/2/14 5:56 PM by octagon 11

enough with the christian bashing.hackleman the doucebag.alot of queers on this thread.that pic was nothingi seen worst.i think jones is hated cuz hes black.hes is one the best ever.and young beat oldman.vitor is christianthe church says turn the other cheek.and i thought christians hate this stuff

bigdee1983420 site profile image  

5/2/14 3:10 PM by bigdee1983420

You win this thread!! Vote Up!

JerodR site profile image  

5/2/14 1:17 PM by JerodR

Its amazing to me that so much could come from so little. Chuck being a previous fighter thought he could take Jones in his prime. Jones didn't agree and said he would welcome a superfight if Chuck wanted to come out of retirement. Big deal..He posted a picture of Chuck eating crow because not only could Glover not KO Jones, but Jones also beat him at his own game. So what? Did anyone bother to post the photo of Jones and Glover together after the fight?.... I'm sure everything will be just fine. It is just fighters being fighters. They will always believe that they are the best. I'm sure nobody here has ever rubbed it in when they prove someone wrong. Of course 2 seconds reading these forums will tell you that isn't true.

Fed site profile image  

5/2/14 12:25 PM by Fed

he is in the top 3 all time lhw discussion imo

Fed site profile image  

5/2/14 12:16 PM by Fed

So much dishespect for Chuck, makes me sadI got into UFC when my bro showed me some Chuck fights (Couture(s) & Wanderlei) and I was hooked from there

Sogflop site profile image  

5/2/14 7:29 AM by Sogflop

Pretty low to bring anyone's faith, or lack thereof into it. Very highschoolish response to Jones' chiding. It really wasn't that disrespectful of Jones, he was just having a bit of fun.I lost respect for chuck from a personal experience- met him outside a 7-11 in San Luis Obispo as he stumbled out of a white H2 drunk as a sailor, bought some gatorade, then drove off again. How the mighty have fallen...

BLACKBUDDAH site profile image  

5/1/14 9:16 PM by BLACKBUDDAH

Yes your mom has a bigger appetite than I thought!

Chris27 site profile image  

5/1/14 8:38 PM by Chris27

Chuck isnt drunk in that interview he is doped up on heroin or pills.  

easedel site profile image  

5/1/14 8:25 PM by easedel

You people do realize he brought up the christian thing because that is the image that Jones tries to put himself as. So why you are posting about Chunk being drunk, partying or whatever, is beyond me.