Rockhold's broken toe


Luke Rockhold was super impressive in defeating Tim Boetsch at UFC 172. Boetsch shot in, Rockhold sprawled, locked in an inverted triangle and then submitted Boetsch by kimura at the 2:08 mark of the first round. 

Unfortunately during that sequence of events, Rockhold broke his toe while sprawling, which should put him on the shelf a little longer than expected after a quick win:

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BrCutter site profile image  

5/3/14 3:30 PM by BrCutter

I vote that broken toes are the most annoying of all minor injuries.

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

5/3/14 1:21 PM by MasterofMartialArts


blueberrycoconutmilk site profile image  

5/3/14 1:10 PM by blueberrycoconutmilk

Wow. Yeah, apparently that's his bday, so UG conspiracy has to be laid to rest.Now, YES I want to see Rockhold v. non-TRT Vitor.

TEAR GAS KUSH site profile image  

5/3/14 12:58 PM by TEAR GAS KUSH

Im call bullshit on account of the date. October 1984 is like his birth year or what?HES DUCKING VITOR

RevDaniel site profile image  

5/3/14 12:31 PM by RevDaniel

1984? Let's hope for a speedy recovery!

catgobling site profile image  

5/2/14 12:37 PM by catgobling

that sequence was a thing of beauty


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