Chael: Paul Heyman saved TUF Brazil 3


Paul Heyman is the architect of ECW, best friend and manager to Brock Lesnar in both the pro rasslin and MMA worlds, once managed three WWE champions in a row, owns the ad agency of record for THQ video games, and much more.

Chael Sonnen was the coach opposite Wanderlei Silva on TUF Brazil 3, and he had a huge problem - the fans were starting to like him more than the native Axe Murderer. Bound by an oath of confidentiality, Chael reached out to someone he had never met before.

Sonnen detailed the problems to Dave Meltzer.

"Some days he'd walk right past me, and that was a good day, with no shoulder bump, and no scowl," said Sonnen. "Some days I'm coming in and he would put in his mouthpiece, like we're about to fight."

"To say he was ruining the show may be extreme, but the interaction between he and I is an element of the show that's important…  I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how to handle this.  This is the same time I'm losing my grip on my character as a heel. I can feel it slipping away. He's being aggressive. He's skipping practices. He's partying. I don't know what to do."

"Paul was a guy that even without knowing him, I knew I could trust him. We have mutual friends, Brock Lesnar and C.M. Punk. I knew he was an expert in psychology and I was stuck, working through this spot, having to deal with this, him not talking to me and the reversal of roles that I didn't see coming."

"He told me, `Listen, you have to shoot* on him. If he's not playing along, you have to drop everything and shoot on him.'  He laid it out a lot more aggressive than that. `You have to drop everything and come clean.' He went into it a lot more detail than that."

"In many ways, Paul Heyman saved Ultimate Fighter (Brazil) 3. He kept his word. He kept his secrecy up."

"So not only should we thank Paul for the huge ratings, but we can also blame him for all the bad things."

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Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva fight on July 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

*A shoot in professional wrestling is a match or move or other occurrence that is real.  The term comes not from shooting for a takedown, but from the carny term "straight shooting" that refers to a gun at a carnival shooting range that does not have the sights set wrong.


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stainlesssteel site profile image  

5/4/14 4:31 PM by stainlesssteel

Now Meltzer is reporting he did not write the most confusing story of the week.  

VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT site profile image  

5/4/14 9:38 AM by VitorpeepeetasteStrongTRT


man meets fate site profile image  

5/3/14 11:58 PM by man meets fate

Hey you fucking goof, this is the ultimate fighting championship! This is as real as it gets! You think this is a game?

OuTkAsTTTTT69 site profile image  

5/3/14 11:45 PM by OuTkAsTTTTT69

thats the fakest looking "fight" Ive ever seen

Jack Skellington site profile image  

5/3/14 11:20 PM by Jack Skellington

Pretty cool.

tres_equis_666 site profile image  

5/3/14 11:05 PM by tres_equis_666

Shael asked the right person for help. If there's anyone in the world who can help him on how to shoot, it's Mr. Dangerously.Blue please:

The Fella site profile image  

5/3/14 8:58 PM by The Fella

            Basically Dida saved Chaels life.     During the scuffle with Wanderlei Silva - Chael was getting cut up by Wanderlei's vicious elbows from the bottom - things were not looking good at all for Chael.   But by an act of God or some miracle - Andre Dida was in the room and rushed in to the side of Chael Sonnen to save him from any more punishment The Axe Murderer was guaranteed to bring.   It's truly amazing, and really is an act of courage and heart for Dida to save Sonnen's life despite being such a close friend to Wanderlei......   *In the image below Dida is in yellow - runs over to Sonnen's aid and immediately implements a Brazillian traditional modified form of CPR where you are to tap the side of the victims lungs(rib cage) to open up his airways and allow breathing and full circulation. Dida's precision taps is what most likely saved Sonnen's life here.              

time traveling 12er site profile image  

5/3/14 8:55 PM by time traveling 12er

Hey, maybe RVD was right!

SphincterShrinker site profile image  

5/3/14 8:51 PM by SphincterShrinker

Can someone explain what I'm missing here?

sodagoespop site profile image  

5/3/14 8:38 PM by sodagoespop

Billy COrgan getting powerbombed through a table lit on fire would have been the best storyline ever.