Miesha: Rousey vs. Carano is 'kind of a joke'


UFC women's welterweight contender Miesha Tate appeared recently on MMAJunkie Radio, and discussed the potential fight between champion Ronda Rousey and the former "Face of women's MMA" Gina Carano.

“I really feel that it’s just kind of a joke,” said Tate as transcribed by MMAJunkie. “It really is. Gina was a great fighter, and she’s a beautiful women. Ronda is a great fighter, and she’s an attractive girl. But to say that Gina should be able to come in after five years of nothing and take on arguably the best female fighter ever? Come on.

“Women’s MMA has been working to legitimize ourselves for so long, and we finally broke the ice, we’re finally in the UFC, and we’re getting some credibility. Don’t take that away by putting a fight together that is based entirely on looks and has little to nothing to do with skill set.”

“The only thing that drives that is they’re both attractive. It makes the women’s title hold no value. It makes it look like it’s a joke and they just put whatever’s going to sell. If we’re going to really legitimize women’s MMA as a sport and have it respected as a sport, then you have to treat it as such.

“I think what would happen is Gina would get a big payday and sign on the line. Worst-case scenario she gets thrown on her head and has to tap out to an armbar. I don’t see Gina beating Ronda. I know her striking is good and everything, but it doesn’t really matter if you can’t stop the takedown.”

“If Gina is serious about making a comeback, then I think I would be the perfect person for her to step in to fight against. I’m not the champion, and it makes kind of a mockery of women’s MMA to have her come in and fight the champion.

“If she can beat me, I’ll wish her well on her way to the title, and I’ll definitely be rooting for her.”

Kaufman responded, via Twitter.

Sarah Kaufman @mmasarah
How's carano getting a title shot after long layoff any different than @MieshaTate getting one after getting KOd? UFC wants to sell, miesha


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jpm995 site profile image  

5/6/14 9:37 PM by jpm995

You don't risk a monster ppv by having Gina fight a warm up fight if you think she might lose. In the end it's still a business and making money is priority one. Gina knows the score i'm not sure what her modeavation is. She doesn't seem to be the type just out to make a buck but who knows? Can she win? I don't see how. If serious she need a good manager/team that can evualate her chances against current top fighters.

fenatic site profile image  

5/6/14 4:35 PM by fenatic

Wrong Meisha Tate, you are the joke. IMO you have lost 3 in a row. You got a huge gift in your last fight, everyone including the UFC President knows you lost that fight and you are saying any fight is a joke. You are the joke.

Rickmeister site profile image  

5/6/14 12:07 PM by Rickmeister


YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

5/6/14 7:25 AM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

Gina vs Ronda vs Miesha sounds like one hell of a threesome. Or is it called fatal 3 way in wrassling?

BRZ site profile image  

5/6/14 6:54 AM by BRZ

I thought Strikeforce was just using Carano's name to sell more tickets. Wasn't that fight on the Overeem Werdum card? Iirc that was the fight Rousey replace Carano too.

blueberrycoconutmilk site profile image  

5/6/14 3:21 AM by blueberrycoconutmilk

Yep, I don't care to see Carano return. I will actually be surprised if she returns.Honda can fight Davis and Zingano.Miesha can fight Sara McMann or Sarah Kaufman.

MisterHawkeMMA site profile image  

5/6/14 3:02 AM by MisterHawkeMMA

Pretty sure Meisha picked herself for the Gina fight for the money... but it does make sense. Meisha vs Carano could headline a PPV. Plus, Rousey still has Davis and than Zigano to keep her busy until next year.

ANT_P1989 site profile image  

5/6/14 2:06 AM by ANT_P1989

I said the same thing Meisha is saying, and a bunch of the UG were talking shit to me. Lol

The Winter Soldier site profile image  

5/6/14 1:19 AM by The Winter Soldier

Taters gonna Tate.

HandyDarsh site profile image  

5/6/14 1:09 AM by HandyDarsh

Voted up for honest and truth