White: Brown one fight from title shot


Matt Brown won his 7th fight in a row on Saturday night, tying for second place in the UFC all-time streak record, behind only Anderson Silva's 11. Brown did so in an extraordinary fight of the year candidate vs. Erick Silva.

In any other division he would be getting a title shot next. But the level of depth at welterweight is truly deep.

Brown was explicit at the post fight press conference about what he wanted.

"I am not calling it a title shot, I am calling it a title fight because I am not going to take a shot at it. I'm going to take the title when I go fight for it," said Brown.

The case against Brown is a simple one - he has no wins vs. top 10 fighters. However, looking at the fighters ranked above him, a solid case emerges for a title fight as soon as champion Johny Hendricks recovers from surgery:
1. Robbie Lawler - Had a title shot in March
2. Rory MacDonald - On a one-fight win streak
3. Tyron Woodley - 3-2 last five fights
4. Carlos Condit - Injured
5. Jake Ellenberger - 2-2 last four fights
6. Hector Lombard - Only has two fights in the division
7. Matt Brown

Never the less, UFC president Dana White firmly applied the brakes to title talk, noting that the back injury Brown sustained before a planned fight with Carlos Condit at UFC on FOX 9 in December is what delayed the title fight.

“I said, ‘You sound like the media. Calm down. Let me go home, and we’ll figure it out,'" said White. "Matt Brown should have already been in that position. He hurt his back with that Condit fight. That was the fight that was going to get him where he wanted to be. But this fight definitely puts him in a spot where we’ll give him one of those top contenders.”

Here are the UFC's top 10 welterweight contenders:
1. Robbie Lawler
2. Rory MacDonald
3. Tyron Woodley
4. Carlos Condit
5. Jake Ellenberger
6. Hector Lombard
7. Matt Brown
8. Demian Maia
9. Dong Hyun Kim
10. Tarec Saffiedine

Several already have fights lined up:
Robbie Lawler vs. Jake Ellenberger at UFC 173: Barao vs Dillashaw on 05/24.
Rory MacDonald vs. Tyron Woodley at UFC 174: Bagautinov vs. Johnson on 06/14/2014

Hendricks was cleared earlier this week for light MMA training, and anticipates a fight in late 2014.

So UG, who should Brown fight next? Is there anyone but Hector Lombard that makes sense?

White as much as agreed during a post-fight interview on FOX Sports 1.

"We’re going to give him something big, maybe Hector Lombard is next," said White.

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KING Stannis Baratheon site profile image  

5/13/14 9:13 PM by KING Stannis Baratheon

Well said

Heikki Mustola site profile image  

5/13/14 2:57 PM by Heikki Mustola


TMT site profile image  

5/13/14 2:53 PM by TMT

170 is the deepest division in the UFC. With 91 fighters, it has 30 more fighters than 185, 59 more than 205, and 57 more than 265. In a division that big, you're going to have to work your way into top-ten fights by winning a bunch of fights. (Unless of course you have proven yourself to be a top-fifteen or so fighter in another promotion, then you can jump right into top-ten fights.) Brown's UFC record from 2010-11 was 1-4, so it makes sense that he'd have to win a bunch of fights to get a top-ten fight. Seven fights in a row is probably too many to have to win to get a top-ten fighter. Of course, he had the Condit fight but got hurt. Brown agreed to a fight Silva, who is not top ten, and who was 3-3 going into his fight with Brown. (I'm not sure why Silva was ranked 14.) That really didn't help Brown's case for a title fight. Brown should have held out for a Lombard or a Saffedeine or a Maia. Brown needs at least one top-ten win (if not two or three) before he gets a title shot. Not only has he not beat a top-ten fighter, but his ability to compete with a strong wrestler is also a huge question mark. I don't know of any wins he's had against against good wrestlers. (Personally, I'd take Maia, Askren, and Fitch over Brown.)Bottom line: Brown earned a spot in the top ten, but he hasn't shown he can beat a top-ten fighter or a wrestler. So it's too soon for a title fight. Before he gets a shot at Hendricks (who is the champ and who has great wrestling), he needs a step up in competition.

KING Stannis Baratheon site profile image  

5/13/14 1:53 PM by KING Stannis Baratheon

Such a big fight with a no 14 guy he somehow jumps up a space and pushes Lombard down one.. Lombard who KO'd Marquadt and UD's Jake Shields without breaking a sweat.But somehow Brown beating on a concussed Silva trumps that lol

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

5/13/14 1:14 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

Give him Lombard/Kim/Diaz, if he wins, next title shot.

FreeVNasty site profile image  

5/13/14 12:23 PM by FreeVNasty

by who? UFC rankings?Erick Silva has never beaten anybody either, this really was a fight of unproven young fighter against unproven journeyman, but people are pretending like it was a huge contender fight.

KING Stannis Baratheon site profile image  

5/13/14 12:18 PM by KING Stannis Baratheon

Lol at Brown beating Lawler.. Lawler fought absolute killers in strikeforce and destroyed them. Brown can't take lawlers body shots.

FreeVNasty site profile image  

5/13/14 12:13 PM by FreeVNasty

also, what is this fake record stuff? 7 wins in a row is tied for second all time? And don't give me nonsense about "Current active", because it says "all time", and people have cited Liddell as a source.I know the UFC bends numbers to hype guys and uses unspoken criteria to do so (Saying Condit has never been finished despite having i htink 3 submission losses), but jumping around with what brown's streak means to try and hype him as more important than he is is exhausting and pointless.

PhuckfaceMcGee site profile image  

5/13/14 12:10 PM by PhuckfaceMcGee

Erik silva was ranked mate

PhuckfaceMcGee site profile image  

5/13/14 12:09 PM by PhuckfaceMcGee

I think brown beats ellenburger, lawler. Lawyers got the power but the full on approach of brown might be a bit overwhelming. Rory's camp would come up with a boring method to nullify his 1d but powerful aspect. It would be a shit fight where going for a win beats entertainment. Dance around throw some kicks and take downs zzzzz Hector and woodley - they'd be interesting. They look brutally all round strong which would be good versus the zombie walk of brown.