White: I don't see [Bellator] as competition


Bellator is definitely the second largest MMA promotion in the United States, but UFC President Dana White doesn't really see them as competition:

It's one of those things," White said. "Those guys, I don't care about those guys. I don't see them as competition whatsoever. I see that Bjork (Bjorn Rebney) has been saying a lot of stupid s--t lately, he's in the press. He's screaming for attention. Screaming for attention. Talking about New York and the union and he's going to... what the f--k has he done to do anything in New York? What has that guy done to raise the bar in mixed martial arts whatsoever? He's done nothing. He's done completely zero. Zilch.

"So good luck to him on their pay-per-view."

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White's statement is a bit nonchalant, as Bellator is owned by a media power house in Viacom and the two have gone to battle over several fighters recently.


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CindyO site profile image  

5/13/14 9:18 PM by CindyO

Bingo. No way this idiot makes it through summer negotiations with Viacom. I bet Coker gets this boys job later this year. Would be in much better hands, IMO.   Cindy

Shill_Detector site profile image  

5/13/14 5:55 PM by Shill_Detector


time traveling 12er site profile image  

5/12/14 9:22 PM by time traveling 12er

Not too different than a lot of posters on this site. They claim to be pro-mma but they keep hoping for the UFC to die. They act like supporting any MMA org not the UFC is good for the sport regardless of what it does. They say they're for the fighters then complain that those fighters aren't worth paying to watch. The next big thing for MMA is going to be what this next tv deal is going to look like. That's where all the money in modern sports comes from, competition for tv deals. Everything else is petty WWE drama.It's hard for Bellator to become a part of that because they're already owned by a media company.

Zeph site profile image  

5/12/14 9:16 PM by Zeph

Which is it Dana? Are you a monopoly or do you have competition?

iHateTheUG site profile image  

5/12/14 8:37 PM by iHateTheUG

This has to be one of the stupidest posts I think I've ever read. Just really everything is dumb about it.

OblongBox site profile image  

5/12/14 8:31 PM by OblongBox

This is the truth. UFC is nothing more than a brand name with a library of fight footage. That's all a promotion is. Just think of all the promotions UFC bought. They bought them to kill competiton and get their fight footage to hype future fights. UFC would be crushed if an outside competitor put 10 billion on the line to do it.

Chris27 site profile image  

5/12/14 8:27 PM by Chris27

What makes Bjorns statement stupid is he tries to pretend he is all about the mma fan yet he is backing the union to keep mma out of NY cause of the Bellator/UFC beef.   So to him he doesnt give a shit if NY mma fans can go to shows in NY, shows Bellator would be putting on in MMA was legal in Ny.   Thats what makes him look stupid, mma being legal in NY would help his org as well as every other mma org, WSOF and regional orgs like ROC that would probably hold events in NY.  

FETT_the geek site profile image  

5/12/14 8:17 PM by FETT_the geek


Wee Bey Jr site profile image  

5/12/14 8:01 PM by Wee Bey Jr

Wade Barrett gif would be nice here

Silverball site profile image  

5/12/14 7:37 PM by Silverball

I think Dana views Viacom as more of a threat than "Bellator". Strikeforce was the last organization that could've become a serious rival for the UFC, in terms of their roster, but we all know what happened there. If fighters ever reach the point of actually becoming independent contractors, then Viacom's interest in MMA becomes a scary notion for the UFC, who currently thrive in an environment free from any real competition.