Brown: I can knock out Johny Hendricks


Matt Brown's impressive win at this past weekend's UFC Fight Night 45 was his seventh win in a row and is now likely a win away from a title shot.

Brown believes he has the tools to not only defeat champion Johny Hendricks, but to knock him out:

Damon Martin via FOX Sports

"I definitely don't think it would go to decision.  Like I've said 100 times, I'm not going to hit him that many times and not knock him out. He's not going to stay on his feet if I hit him as many times as Robbie Lawler did.   I'm a really accurate striker," Brown said.

"I hate to eat my own words because I hit Erick Silva a lot of times and he didn't go down and it went three rounds, but I've got to get my groove back.  I can knock him out, I guarantee it."

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JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

5/15/14 8:11 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

If Matt Brown says it's gonna be sunny, you can forget keeping an umbrella in the trunk. If Matt Brown says he will have sex with your woman, you'd better hold her feet and have a cool towel for the man. If Matt Brown says he can knock Hendricks out, believe him. Who are you to doubt El Dandy?

chupecabre site profile image  

5/15/14 8:10 PM by chupecabre

0% chance of him knocking Hendricks out. Zero.

NakedCowboyOnMyRear site profile image  

5/15/14 7:25 PM by NakedCowboyOnMyRear

stupid people frustrate the shit out of me.

12ealdeal site profile image  

5/15/14 2:49 AM by 12ealdeal

I didn't think Brown showed much power behind the things he threw at Silva.Many flurries, a lot of volume, those elbows in clinch did not seem to pack much power though. Highly doubt he'd knock Hendricks out.

FreightTrain site profile image  

5/15/14 1:12 AM by FreightTrain

Anything's possible, the guy's tough.But the Silva fight wasnt a good testament of his skill.I'm watching the fight now, beginning of round 3 and I cant watch any more.Silva is doing nothing on the defensive end. No foot work, no ducking, no moving; simply absorbing strikes...

kyle223 site profile image  

5/13/14 8:20 PM by kyle223

No way he knocks him out, but if he can stay off his back, I think he can tire Johny out and get a tko in later rounds.

KOphil25 site profile image  

5/13/14 8:15 PM by KOphil25

why are you so mad?

NakedCowboyOnMyRear site profile image  

5/13/14 8:02 PM by NakedCowboyOnMyRear

why do so many dumbfucks correlate what Matt Brown said, to making it out to him saying he hits harder than Lawler? jesus christ. how many people think Nick Diaz hits harder than Hendricks? seeing as how he KO'd Lawler? it's about hitting the right spot, not power.  

Dougie site profile image  

5/13/14 6:57 PM by Dougie


Mike Morris site profile image  

5/13/14 6:21 PM by Mike Morris

Hell yea, barn burner