TUF 19, Episode 5 fight recap


The fourth episode of the nineteenth season of the Ultimate Fighter aired May 14th at 10:00 PM EST and featured a bout between Corey Anderson and Josh Clarke.


Round 1 – Clark opens with an overhand right, and he keeps active with his jab as Anderson stays patient. Anderson counters with a straight right. Clark lands an overhand in response, but Anderson shoots in on a single-leg takedown and briefly takes down his opponent. Clark gets back up, and Anderson presses him against the cage. Anderson gets another takedown, but Clark again manages to get back up. As they restart, Anderson is hesitant to commit to his strikes and is eating counter shots. He then shoots for a takedown against the cage and slams Clark to the ground. Anderson advances to the crucifix position, but he can’t keep it. Clark recovers to guard and rolls for a leg lock. Anderson defends well, and Clark manages to scramble back to his feet. After a brief striking exchange, Anderson scores his third takedown of the round and closes by throwing punches from half guard.

Round 2 – Anderson fails on an early takedown attempt, and Clark then lands a hard right hand followed by a knee. Anderson shakes it off and scores his first takedown of the second round and fourth of the fight overall. He then attempts to create separation for ground-and-pound, but Clark does a good job of tying him up. Clark tries to roll for an armbar from the bottom, but Anderson displays strong defense. The referee eventually calls for a standup. Clark rushes inside and lands an uppercut. Clark slips on a leg kick, and Anderson capitalizes by jumping on top. Anderson works to advance but can’t pass Clark’s guard. Clark then rolls for another leg lock but can’t get it. Anderson moves to mount, and Clark gives up his back. He rolls over again, and the round ends with Anderson throwing powerful strikes from mount.

Cory Anderson def. Josh Clark via unanimous decision

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Pat Giles site profile image  

5/15/14 4:42 PM by Pat Giles

Shocking. Maz and the worst judge ever adalaide byrd

Media Monster site profile image  

5/15/14 3:10 PM by Media Monster

Next week's preview looks fun.  Dana losses it on both Mazzagattii and the judges.

ticker site profile image  

5/15/14 1:11 PM by ticker

lol, there was one scene (before the fight) with Anderson from the side throwing a right and his titty was in full bloom.

Bry Bry site profile image  

5/14/14 11:58 PM by Bry Bry

^^exactly i dont see anyone especially from the light heavy division that stands out in any way, shape or fashion..the lighter guys dont seem to either.. i hate when they give away a future fights ending, in this case a controversial decision..now we know a KO or submission isnt going down..ive always hated when they show us any clips of the upcoming fights..theres no point..

Sloppy Single Leg site profile image  

5/14/14 11:49 PM by Sloppy Single Leg

What does it look like is gonna happen next episode? What is the fight?

Brabatross site profile image  

5/14/14 11:40 PM by Brabatross

Yea, the next episode is a good one.

Silverball site profile image  

5/14/14 11:40 PM by Silverball

Agreed, and I was seriously on the verge of checking out for the remainder of the season after tonight's fight. All those great coaches, but the guys in the house aren't that different from the casts from past seasons of TUF. There doesn't appear to be a lot of progression between say season 19 and season 8 (off the top of my head). Dana's weird subliminal commentary during the fight was creepy.

Ch1ef site profile image  

5/14/14 11:31 PM by Ch1ef

Back atcha.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

5/14/14 11:27 PM by ranier wolfcastle

i saw some gyno teets

Bry Bry site profile image  

5/14/14 11:13 PM by Bry Bry

geez tonights fight was a dud...i thought Edgars guy would have had better takedowns given his wrestling credentials and i have to wonder why Team Penns fighter was even on the show..i mean, i respect all of these guys for fighting but his skillset is 'slugger', thats it..