Matt Brown would love 'legendary fight' with Nick Diaz


According to UFC President Dana White, Matt Brown is one fight away from a title fight and Brown would love nothing more for that fight to be Nick Diaz:

"I think Nick Diaz would be more of a war than anybody else," Brown told the cast and crew of MMA Roasted. "The dude is not afraid to fight. He's a warrior in his own right. He likes to come forward, I like to come forward ... I can see that being a legendary fight, for sure. Of course that's gonna interest me."

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Adam Hunter site profile image  

5/16/14 9:17 PM by Adam Hunter

Totally agreed.

SuMBJJ site profile image  

5/16/14 8:08 PM by SuMBJJ

You think Brown is the better fighter?In what area is he better?Diaz would crush him.

dragoon247 site profile image  

5/16/14 7:52 PM by dragoon247

Colleen needs to let Matt buy that RV.

The Tiger Man site profile image  

5/16/14 4:42 PM by The Tiger Man

Great show miss Jake though what could he possibly have better to do?

EddiePain420 site profile image  

5/16/14 4:16 PM by EddiePain420

matt brown has good taste in music! makes me like him more..but i still think diaz beats him bad

thesonsofmontana site profile image  

5/16/14 4:14 PM by thesonsofmontana

Sub for my workout.

Aaronrodgers=GOAT site profile image  

5/16/14 4:04 PM by Aaronrodgers=GOAT

He was there when dime got murdered ? Damn..

Letibleu site profile image  

5/16/14 3:59 PM by Letibleu

Brown was right, that is where I heard it :)

Vote me down site profile image  

5/16/14 3:56 PM by Vote me down

Feel the same way, Nick thrives off people moving foward. I dont think Brown's ribs will be able to take the 6 combo punishments.

rrg1 site profile image  

5/16/14 3:21 PM by rrg1

Nick would make Brown look silly.