Lawler: If they scored damage, I'd be champion


Robbie Lawler lost a close decision versus Johny Hendricks to determine a new welterweight champion. Hendricks won three of the rounds on the score cards, but Lawler believes had better criteria been used, he would be the champion:

Taking another fight just two months after putting in 25 minutes against the champ is not a common event in one of the world’s toughest sports, but for Lawler, it’s just another day at the office.

“I was ready to fight, it’s as simple as that,” he says. “I told (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva I wanted to get back in as soon as possible. I didn’t take any damage against Hendricks, so why not?”

Didn’t take any damage against Hendricks? 

That’s a scary proposition for “The Juggernaut,” as Hendricks, like Ellenberger, is considered one of the hardest-hitting welterweights in the division, with KOs against some of the toughest contenders in the sport.

“I did the most damage in that fight, but I lost. He did a good job in winning enough rounds I guess. It’s not PRIDE. They don’t score damage in the UFC. If they did, I would be the champ today. Now I just have to work my way back, but I’m not thinking about Hendricks anymore. I’m thinking about Jake,” he said.

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Robbie Lawler fights Jake Ellenberger in a welterweight fight, this Saturday at UFC 173 in Las Vegas, Nevada and the bouts airs only on PPV.

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notsobigmike site profile image  

5/21/14 4:32 PM by notsobigmike

It's too many scoring options. If you truly had every judge scoring from 1-10 on every round, scores would be all over the place. They'd essentially become meaningless.When PROPERLY applied, I have yet to see the current 10-point must system yield a completely unsatisfactory result to a fight.True, there will ALWAYS be contentious decisions. That's the sign of a close, competitive fight - people don't universally agree on who won.But when 10-8 and 10-10 rounds are reasonably applied, it virtually always leads to a decision that makes sense.

1inchpunch site profile image  

5/21/14 1:13 PM by 1inchpunch

I'll take back my previous comment and go with this

1inchpunch site profile image  

5/21/14 1:03 PM by 1inchpunch

If that was judged by the Bellator PPV judges (yeah I know they weren't appointed by bellator) lawler would have won, that's not a dig at Bellator id prefer fights to be scored for aggression and damage (whether on the feet or not) more heavily than for a perceived point scoring take down with no damage or sub attempts.

DiazsBongWater site profile image  

5/21/14 12:54 PM by DiazsBongWater

I'm not hating on Johnny I thought he was robbed against GSP but I also think Lawler, Condit and Koscheck beat him. Condit battered him from his back and Lawler fucking hammered him standing. Hendricks is the luckiest fighter on the block IMO

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

5/21/14 12:48 PM by SQUEEZIE will always be a judgement call no matter the criteria.the only solution is fight until someone loses which will never happen.even then ppl will complain about early stoppage or something.

GSP24 site profile image  

5/21/14 12:44 PM by GSP24

That was Lawler's fight going into the 5th. He had the momentum. Hendricks just looked like he wanted it more.

8flat site profile image  

5/21/14 12:26 PM by 8flat

Cecil Peoples assessing damage.  In for the inevitable train wreck.

FEDORallDAY site profile image  

5/21/14 11:11 AM by FEDORallDAY

Diaz beat GSP going by damage alone. shows how much that matters

Nagaho site profile image  

5/21/14 10:45 AM by Nagaho

Why not a 10-1 round? Even in your example it's only a 3 point system. If it's truly a 10 point system, then a 10-7 round is still fairly close. They need judges who actually understand what they're looking at as well as scoring criteria that aren't shoehorned to fit a boxing model.

CapnKindBud site profile image  

5/21/14 10:07 AM by CapnKindBud

I agree that it is very subjective.Some would say that damage is who was hurt most in the fight.With GSP and Condit, GSP was almost finished. Condit was never in trouble. But I see your point.The ten point must scoring must either be gone or used correctly with a shitload more 10-8 rounds and yes the occasional 10-7 round.With this scoring, you can lay and pray and get the same 10-9 round as another fight where a guy was beaten up.The scoring is unfair in that way also.