Should Cormier be a 8-1 favorite over Henderson?

by Chris Palmquist |

Coming into UFC 173, Daniel Cormier has one win in the light heavyweight division, yet sports books have him as a high as a 9-1 favorite of the legendary Dan Henderson. Henderson is of course an older fighter nearing the end of his career, but should Cormier be that much a favorite to win?

Dan Henderson is forty three years old and has been a professional mixed martial artist since 1997 was previously an Olympic wrestler. Daniel Cormier is no spring chicken at thirty five years of age and is also an accomplished wrestler in his own right.

Bovada, a Las Vegas based sports book list Dan Henderson at +500, meaning a $100 bet would earn you a $500 profit. Daniel Cormier is listed at -800, meaning an $800 bet would only net you a profit of $100.00

What say you UG? Do the oddsmakers have it right and is Henderson only a long shot to win Saturday, or should Henderson be given more credit and and this fight a lot closer than the betting public would have you believe?



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boneskodaiceman site profile image  

5/23/14 8:21 PM by boneskodaiceman

give me a break.

Bay Area site profile image  

5/23/14 8:57 AM by Bay Area

Re-watch the fight at the point where The hit the floor and Tito's got his back. They are clearly fixing the fight.

FightToLive site profile image  

5/23/14 8:49 AM by FightToLive

Hendo will WIN! Take the odds!

boneskodaiceman site profile image  

5/23/14 8:46 AM by boneskodaiceman

Let me take your money now, and save you the embarassment.

boneskodaiceman site profile image  

5/23/14 8:44 AM by boneskodaiceman

You mean like he did against Vitor? Rampage? Silva?

boneskodaiceman site profile image  

5/23/14 8:43 AM by boneskodaiceman

Yea he has one win in the LHW division, but is undefeated as a HW.What kind of stupid writing is this?

teamquestnorth site profile image  

5/23/14 2:32 AM by teamquestnorth

This and bellator would have too much to lose on a dumb fight like that. If they fixed a fight and they got caught they would be shut down and possibly sued by the government.Viacom wouldnt put themselves in that position. It was a case of tito being a wily veteran mixed with a weight advantage and schlmenko being overated

Letibleu site profile image  

5/23/14 2:26 AM by Letibleu

I don't buy it on the premise that Tito can't speak english let alone Russian...

teamquestnorth site profile image  

5/23/14 2:21 AM by teamquestnorth

Hendo at -1050? Hes a solid +600

teamquestnorth site profile image  

5/23/14 2:20 AM by teamquestnorth

Those odds make no sense