Te Huna shoulder dislocates, trainer yanks it back in


James Te Huna makes his middleweight debut vs. face Nate Marquardt on 28 June 2014 at UFC Fight Night: Te Huna vs. Marquardt.

In this video Te Huna's shoulder dislocates in the middle of a fight, or as it is known in his native New Zealand, it itched. His trainer gave it a firm tug and all was well once again.

James Te Huna shoulder dislocation by kaizar1

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Kakkarotto_san site profile image  

5/23/14 4:49 PM by Kakkarotto_san

Yeah, that's crazy and all; but what a fucking BS stoppage and restart...if a fighter experiences an injury during the fight which isn't caused by a foul, you don't pause the action. Oba should have been allowed to keep pounding him or it should have been stopped.Instead, Te Huna was allowed to recover and ended up winning.Ridiculous.

WuDaddy site profile image  

5/23/14 4:00 PM by WuDaddy

Wtf was hector upset about?

Blade Brown site profile image  

5/23/14 3:08 PM by Blade Brown

He had a torn labrum which you can not just pop back in brah

Diesel67 site profile image  

5/23/14 2:53 PM by Diesel67

Teixeira a crybaby?

Warrior Bahn site profile image  

5/23/14 10:53 AM by Warrior Bahn

This happend to me in my first pro MMA fight in the clinch we crashed against the fence and it popped out. I managed to knee him in the stomach but couldnt grab plum or punch after he lost his breath. He recovered as i froze with shock and pain and then he hit me with some free puches and the fight was stopped. He jumps on the cage like won the UFC title in front of 1500 people and out of my friends and family only a few realised what happend the rest acted like I froze and got man handeled. Wish they would of stopped my fight let me restart when it was set

branchdavidian site profile image  

5/23/14 10:44 AM by branchdavidian

yea once it pops out once it'll pop out much more easily again - I've never had one, but have seen some pretty tough guys melt into puddles from the pain. I've heard that surgery is the only sure-fire fix, and actually makes it harder to dislocate than original/pre-dislocation

Billyz site profile image  

5/23/14 8:37 AM by Billyz

don't know if its smart, dont know why the fight wasn't stopped... don't care that is bad assery at its finest. Mel Gibson from Lethal Weapon would be proud

BeatonHauff site profile image  

5/23/14 8:16 AM by BeatonHauff

Butt chugging

BTS site profile image  

5/23/14 8:09 AM by BTS

Seems like a recurring shoulder injury. He also dislocated the same shoulder vs Lombard.  

Fed site profile image  

5/23/14 8:07 AM by Fed

How come the fight wasn't stopped? Weird ..