Hendo: Sat will put 'too old' talk to rest


In 2011 Dan Henderson beat Mauricio Rua in one of the best fights in the history of mixed martial arts.

He had no fights in 2012, and 2013 was tough, losing split decisions to Lyoto Machida and Rashad Evans, before being kicked unconscious by Vitor Belfort. Then Henderson brutally beat Rua in a rematch. 

Now he is fighting the undefeated Daniel Cormier at UFC 173 Saturday night live on PPV.

“I’m not here only to entertain,” said Henderson, 43. “I can’t remember the last time I had an easy opponent. That’s just what I expect, though. I have goals that I want to achieve, and I can only do that by beating the top guys.”

“I just feel like I know what I’m capable of doing and how I match up against certain guys, and my body feels great right now. People can say I’m too old, but I think this fight will be a true test to kind of put that whole way of thinking to rest.”

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clarenceworley site profile image  

5/25/14 8:38 AM by clarenceworley

Did Rogan forget that Jake Shields handled Hendo in pretty much the same way a few years ago?

El Capo CRE 500 site profile image  

5/24/14 4:31 AM by El Capo CRE 500

I wasn't being that serious, but I guess that post comes off poorly.Obviously Dan Henderson is a living legend and what he is still able to do in MMA is ridiculously impressive.At the same time Cormier needs to win this fight, the sport needs a challenger for Jones other than Gustaffson.

Gardnerd705 site profile image  

5/24/14 1:04 AM by Gardnerd705

Hendo must have forgotten to bring him some of that delicious Pop-Eyes brah!

SaintVon Barksdale site profile image  

5/24/14 12:40 AM by SaintVon Barksdale

Here, faggot. Take my one vote down for the day.

teamquestnorth site profile image  

5/23/14 11:13 PM by teamquestnorth

All the intelligent people laying money on hendo

TFK_Boobiemiles1986 site profile image  

5/23/14 11:11 PM by TFK_Boobiemiles1986

Down to + 475 at bovada now       UFC 173 - MGM Grand Garden Arena - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  Both must Fight for Action. 11:00p Daniel Cormier -750     Dan "Hendo" Henderson +475      on PPV

I Got extendos, I GOT EXTENDOS! site profile image  

5/23/14 11:03 PM by I Got extendos, I GOT EXTENDOS!

Boo this man!!! Go and hang out with scooter!!

hogh20 site profile image  

5/23/14 10:11 PM by hogh20

I don't know anybody who isn't a fan of Ace, but Dan would have won that fight regardless...

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

5/23/14 8:31 PM by MasterofMartialArts

This. I don't know why people are saying everybody picked Silva. He has gotten more hate than anyone else on here recently.

KneeToFaceKO site profile image  

5/23/14 8:30 PM by KneeToFaceKO

Fucking this.