Rousey: 'Man vs. Women' fight a 'terrible idea'


A hypothetical fight between Ronda Rousey and Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been much discussed in the media and amongst fans lately. Any fight between the two in any form is pipe dream meant to spark discussion, but in actuality UFC President Dana White and Rousey herself would be completely opposed to it:

"You would never report me saying something like 'I think that Floyd Mayweather is the best boxer that ever lived, an actual, technical boxer‘  Rousey said during the UFC 175 press conference at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. "Of course Floyd would box the hell out of me if it was a boxing match. But boxing is a limited form of fighting, and we're a much less limited form of fighting and I've trained my whole life to prepare for things he hasn't prepared for. I prepare to get hit and to be taken down."

Friday, UFC president Dana White went through the same spiel he gave Thursday as to why Rousey would defeat Mayweather anywhere except the boxing ring, earning Rousey's scorn for saying she walks around at 160 pounds ("148," she corrected him).

But ultimately, White made clear that such a fight is never happening.

"We don't condone men vs. women fighting," White said.

Rousey, who defends her title at UFC 175 against Alexis Davis, concurred.

"I think in professional fighting, it would be a terrible idea."

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Drewout site profile image  

5/24/14 7:00 PM by Drewout

White, Rousey, and anyone involved with them should just shut the hell up. She shouldn't talk crap about Caraway either if she doesn't want to fight a man. Either fight a 135# division male or STFU and be Dana's golden girl.

boneskodaiceman site profile image  

5/24/14 6:06 PM by boneskodaiceman

A hypothetical fight between Ronda Rousey and Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been much discussed in the media and amongst fans lately. -----------------If by "media" you mean the no-named and wannabe journalists who cover MMA, uhm okay.

rockfists site profile image  

5/24/14 6:03 PM by rockfists

I think this is being brought up because the most popular fighter on the planet weighs the same as a female and once fought at 130 / 135.Mike Tyson was a heavyweight. No-one is saying Rousey can beat on the Klitschkos.

Glovegate site profile image  

5/24/14 4:59 PM by Glovegate

"We don't condone men vs. women fighting,"But we do condone making promotional statements we know full well we'll never have to back up. We also condone making names for ourselves on the backs of more skilled fighters fighting in tougher divisions as well as calling men out we know aren't allowed to respond without being trashed.That's what we do.Edited for 5000 "fucks" that basically made it unreadable.

JustAnotherMMAFan site profile image  

5/24/14 4:01 PM by JustAnotherMMAFan

And why does this chick keep on calling out Brian Carraway again, if men fighting women is a "terrible idea"...?

man meets tate site profile image  

5/24/14 1:29 PM by man meets tate

agreed with everything ronda said

Raezor19 site profile image  

5/24/14 1:15 PM by Raezor19

2nd loser skills, you're saying ? Only in the Olympics do we give a fuck about who lost.......and even then, it's forgotten...

MattyJ site profile image  

5/24/14 12:55 PM by MattyJ

If it's such a terrible idea stop talking about how you'd do against Mayweather and how you would beat Caraway

undisputed1972 site profile image  

5/24/14 12:21 PM by undisputed1972

yep, spot on.

boneskodaiceman site profile image  

5/24/14 10:08 AM by boneskodaiceman

Boxing is a limited, but very EFFECTIVE form of fighting. It is more than street tested and thug feared.MMA is not proven effective in a street fight, except the BJJ base.But when you come across a thug who has some kind of wrestling backgrown, who can defend your take downs. What do you have left?Nothing but dirty fighting, something effective street fighters have been brought up doing.