Chael Sonnen: PRIDE as fake as Wand's eyebrows


Wanderlei Silva made a name for himself dominating in Japan's PRIDE organization. At one time Silva was undefeated in four years after debuting in PRIDE, but rival Chael Sonnen doesn't put too much weight on his time spent there:

"This guy drives me crazy. This guy has driven me crazy for years. I used to watch this guy fight in something called the PRIDE Fighting Championships. This was as fake as Wanderlei Silva's eyebrows."

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SJax site profile image  

5/28/14 5:32 PM by SJax

Apparently/Supposedly Wanderlei failed to show up for his medical exam and has been replaced by Vitor according to cagedinsider. Chael didn't call Wanderlei bailing at all did he? ...

SUPER HLUK site profile image  

5/28/14 5:29 PM by SUPER HLUK

There, there, little guy.

EckY site profile image  

5/28/14 5:27 PM by EckY

Chael discediting Hendo's career accomplishments?

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

5/28/14 5:23 PM by RyannVonDoom

Or as fake as his wife's grasp on reality. Just sayin'

KneeToFaceKO site profile image  

5/28/14 5:10 PM by KneeToFaceKO

Chael has jumped the shark. I wish he would just shut the fuck up already but whatever. I guess this type of crap appeals to "wwe" fans and the like.

Johnny Mclain site profile image  

5/28/14 5:09 PM by Johnny Mclain

agreedcomparingchael landing a surprise choke on RUAandWandy KOing a 27 people in savage fashionNot cool Bro

kungfugrip site profile image  

5/28/14 5:06 PM by kungfugrip

Wait...the hendo fight was boring?He beat mezger, who good. He beat that Sak guy, who was considered #1 in the world.

Johnny Mclain site profile image  

5/28/14 5:06 PM by Johnny Mclain

Definitely CHaels best win.wouldn't mind seeing a rematch with Chael clean, and/or a single strike thrown.

Galanis site profile image  

5/28/14 5:04 PM by Galanis

  Lol, Chael subbing a well past his prime, 3 knee surgeries into it Shogun Rua is more impressive than Wanderlei's Grand Prix win, where he KO'd Page cold (twice by the way) Oh wait, you probably have never watched any of the sport before 2012, and just go by what your hero says If you are truly being objective and not buying in to Chael's gimmick, it's impossible to compare the 2 legacy wise. They started their careers within a year of each other in MMA and while Wand was the 5 year reigning champ of the most prestigious org in the world (UFC was nowhere close to PRIDE at the time)... Chael was losing in the B leagues. A lot.

Galanis site profile image  

5/28/14 5:02 PM by Galanis

  This sums everything up perfectly. Good job. I like Chael, but this is how history will remember both. Chael has had some good performances though. But yeah, Wand is world's above him legacy wise and always will be. Chael's a great talker though. Truly a student of pro wrestling, I see a lot of Scott Hall and Billy Graham in his schtick. It certainly got him over and made him a star, so that's cool I guess. Fighting wise, though.. yeah.