Wand out, Belfort in vs. Sonnen at UFC 175


For many months Chael Sonnen had questioned whether Wanderlei Silva would fight him.

"He likes to say that I just talk, and I do like to talk, but I signed to fight as soon as I arrived here in Brazil," said Sonnen in February. "They changed the place of the fight and I signed again. But he didn't sign anything yet. His papers are still white. I can say that I haven't seen he take off his shirt not a single time, he have never worked out or trained in this period. I think he is not planning to fight me or anybody. Never again."

And now...

Chael Sonnen @sonnench
Called it.

In news broken by Brazil's UFC-175.html" target="_blank">Combate, Wand failed to take (or therefore pass) medical tests, and is out vs. Sonnen at UFC 175 on July 5. Combate reports that Sonnen and Silva were mandated to show at a meeting by the Nevada State Athletic Commission; Sonnen did and will be licensed, while Silva didn't and will not be licensed.

The report also says that instead Vitor Belfort will be fighting Chael Sonnen on the same card.

There have been multiple confirmations of the unfortunate news.

Wanderlei responded with an enigmatic tweet.

@wandfc Wanderlei Silva
Que é isso???? Não estou acreditando!!!!
(translation: What is this ??? I'm not believing!!!)

Belfort was originally scheduled to fight Chris Weidman for the middleweight title at UFC 173 last Saturday. But when the NSAC banned TRT in Feb, Belfort said he needed time to transition off TRT, and was removed from the fight. Then Lyoto Machida was put in, and after Weidman needed knee surgery, the fight was moved from UFC 173 to UFC 175. Now Belfort is back in, but against Sonnen.

Belfort is reportedly not licensed yet, but is expected to be.

UFC 175 will be headlined by UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman vs. Lyoto Machida, and UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey vs. Alexis Davis.

The Gangster from Oregon offered what will not be the last word on UFC Tonight on FOX Sports 1.

“Wanderlei has operated his entire career under the suspicion that he was using performance-enhancing drugs,” said Sonnen as transcribed by 5thRound.com. “However, he has never failed a drug test. So, we don’t speculate on those types of things.

“That clean record came to a screeching halt on Saturday night. Not only did he fail his test, he refused to take his test, and as you know, a refusal is equal in the eyes of the commission to a failure. He ran from the test. And I don’t mean that figuratively. I mean, they came to his gym and he literally ran. He goes out a side door. They came after him saying his name."

“I have not spoken to the athletic commission of Nevada, so here I am going to speculate. They will revoke his license and perhaps his career with the UFC will be done."

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blue_tape_39 site profile image  

6/10/14 5:00 PM by blue_tape_39

TTT for all the people talking shit about Wand and calling the most fearless man in MMA a coward.

Wriggling Grunion site profile image  

6/10/14 4:26 PM by Wriggling Grunion

Fuck every single one of you mental midgets who were trashing Wand while sucking Chael's dick. Fuck you.

epwar site profile image  

6/10/14 3:50 PM by epwar

This guy gets it. ;-)

Lazer MMA site profile image  

5/30/14 10:01 AM by Lazer MMA

Maybe he did not want to lose to Sonnen because of the history there, but everyone including Wand knows it's very near the end of his career anyway.Wand was training and roiding something he's done many times IMO, nothing more! He was doing so as ever to win. What makes more sense, that he was caught in gym training and ran TF from a tester because he was avoiding a fight, or that he was just cycling and wanted to test T levels latter? A guy that steps to CC, Wand X3 and Hendo X2 among others is not going to be scared of being dry humped FFS. LOL

Lazer MMA site profile image  

5/30/14 9:57 AM by Lazer MMA


DirtyLickinsBrah site profile image  

5/30/14 9:23 AM by DirtyLickinsBrah

Ban that cheater to hell!!!

jakeb site profile image  

5/30/14 2:59 AM by jakeb

I wonder if Dana will again challenge the press about no fighter being on roids anytime soon. I remember him yelling that out and nobody chimed in. I bet if anyone chimed in they would never get an invite back.

Wasa-B site profile image  

5/30/14 2:22 AM by Wasa-B

disappointed but not sure what to believe...does seem kinda weird, everything that's happened, with vitor bailing out and coming back in....but bottom line's bottom line i guess....wand is out, damm...

GomezBJJ site profile image  

5/29/14 8:55 PM by GomezBJJ

He scurred

Chitownjohn23 site profile image  

5/29/14 3:10 PM by Chitownjohn23

It really doesn't matter because Wandy shamed himself sadly. He either skipped the test so he wouldn't have to fight Chael or he skipped it because he was going to get busted for something. I love Wandy and love it when he fights but this is all a damn shame.And I don't think many fighters are ever scared to fight someone but they are scared to LOSE to someone.