Chael: Win vs. Belfort at LHW gets me MW title shot


Chael Sonnen lost a title shot to Anderson Silva at middleweight. Then he lost a title fight to Jon Jones at light heavyweight. Then he beat Shogun at light heavyweight. Then he lost to Rashad Evans at light heavyweight.

Now he is fighting Vitor Belfort at light heavyweight, and if he wins he gets a title shot, at middleweight, vs. the winner of Chris Weidman vs. Lyoto Machida at UFC 175 on July 5.

"I still will participate in the pay-per-view on July 5, but the stakes are up," said Sonnen on UFC Tonight. "I am now fighting in a #1 contender's match - the winner of my bout will take on the winner of Chris Weidman and Lyoto Machida, my opponent will be Vitor Belfort.

“Vitor and I are both middleweights, 185 pound division, and that is the contendership that is on the line. Vitor Belfort is the #1 contender, he’s putting that title on the line against me. Consider it a catchweight, that will take place at 205 pounds."

"Here's the bottom line, Vitor and I's paths were going to cross at some point. We all have a fate. And now Vitor and I have a date. And this is what's going to go down, and we're going to go out there and we're going to compete, and I have been after him for awhile, and he's after me too. I don't think either one of us has any problem with the opponent. Timing in life is everything, and the time is now."

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CaptainThunderPlums site profile image  

5/29/14 10:31 PM by CaptainThunderPlums

This is a much better fight than wandy, definitely has the potential to be FOTN

Entreri site profile image  

5/29/14 10:21 PM by Entreri

Chael is just awesome.

BreakALegAndy! site profile image  

5/29/14 8:40 PM by BreakALegAndy!

Sour puss

boneskodaiceman site profile image  

5/29/14 6:26 PM by boneskodaiceman

Say what I want? Besides being a cheater and a Felon? Nope that's your type of hero.

boneskodaiceman site profile image  

5/29/14 6:17 PM by boneskodaiceman

I'm not sure why he thinks he only needs to win fight?

QQmoar site profile image  

5/29/14 1:17 PM by QQmoar

now that silva isnt champ, chael should go back to 185.. so many good fights for him.He doesnt get a title shot with a win.. but a win and 1 more and i dont see how he doesnt then.I do kind of see the conspiracy side this as well. You have the whole issue with Vitor and now its all of a sudden going to be cleared up. You have Wand who wants to fight chael but is unwilling to do basic steps in order to do that. and you have chael saying all along Wand wouldnt fight him.At the very least Chael Sonnen is a gangster. in recent memory other than faber he seems to continue to get in the title picture with very little effort.

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

5/29/14 11:44 AM by SQUEEZIE

i think chris's wrestling is just as good at least.he's also got the better clinch game and grappling.also his bjj is nice,he can sub chael from any where on the ground.i cant see chael battering him(maybe control him on the ground for the better part of 3 rounds out of 5.but i honestly cant see that happening either. machida hurts chael if he cant take him down.machida has gd take down d and is elusive.wouldnt mind watching it.all that said i actually like this fight too and would also like to see chael vs jacare,rockhold,hendo,kennedy,mous, or romero. a lot of gd fights for him win or lose at 185.

Chash site profile image  

5/29/14 11:43 AM by Chash

Seems very strange. As much as I like Chael and respect his willingness there's just so many fighters staying in their weight classes trying to move up, it's gotta sting for them be kinda cheated like this. Chael is an awesome fighter to have in the sport, he can fight and everyone knows he can sell a fight no problem. However, you can't just keep feeding this guy title shots until he finally snags it. It almost feels like the UFC is so desperate for that guarantee seller of a champ that they're trying to force him as champ as much as they can.

UGCTT_CloudStrife site profile image  

5/29/14 11:26 AM by UGCTT_CloudStrife

This is just Chael being Chael. He gets no title shot if he beats Vitor. 

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

5/29/14 11:25 AM by SQUEEZIE

there have to be a few ppl at mw who are upset im sure.