UFC co-founder: Rousey is the new Tank Abbott


This is the undefeated Ronda Rousey:

This is 10-15 David "Tank" Abbott:

At first glance, they do not appear to have much in common.

However, in an interview with Marc Raimondi for FOX Sports, UFC co-founder Campbell McLaren explains that Ronda Rousey is this generation's Tank Abbott.

"She's the first fighter to open up a new audience to the UFC and MMA," said McLaren. "She's smart, she can talk, she's tough. She has real fight credentials. She's got it all."

During the earliest days of the UFC, Tank too brought a new audience to the sport, such as it was.

In March 1996, Esquire magazine covered the new sport in an article titled "Gentlemen, Start Your Bleeding." In is, the author noted that up until then, the sport had been as designed martial artist vs. martial artists. Tank was something new - the scary next door neighbor, if he had a 600 pound bench.

"He made it look like he just walked in off the street or from the bar," said McLaren. "That wasn't the case, but it was a great way to promote him."

Although their looks were different, both fighters receive considerable attention for their looks. And both fighters receive attention for their words.

McLaren compared Abbott saying “I'm starting to get sexually aroused right now. You better get that off," after watching a replay of his knockout of John Matua, with Rousey calling Cris Cyborg "an it."

Both comments caused an uproar, which is the point.

"They're nothing alike," said McLaren. "Their personas are nothing alike. She's a world-class athlete. Tank is not a world-class athlete. He just showed up, would fight anybody and was super tough. They just did the same kind of thing for MMA."

McLaren is currently promoting the Combate Americas MMA reality series/promotion. 

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bull7188 site profile image  

5/31/14 3:37 AM by bull7188

Tank was just an absolute beast and great to watch. Maybe he was a mediocre fighter but he was mediocre on a world class level ( got that line out of Ultimate grappling interview of Bas Rutten years ago. Thats how he described himself and its always stuck with me since)

BshMstr site profile image  

5/31/14 2:46 AM by BshMstr

^yup, gotta admit i was wrong (and the link i referenced apparently was, too)."Post-match, Tank states that he wanted to tickle Varelans' brain, and then declares he is sexually aroused by the replay."http://bleacherreport.com/articles/540840-ufc-6-review-ken-shamrock-vs-dan-severn-tank-abbott-nearly-kills-his-opponent

BrunoMcGyver site profile image  

5/31/14 2:28 AM by BrunoMcGyver

I believe its after Varleans too. After Matua, I remember Tank boasting that his punching power was "only one part of my dimension...the weakest part of my dimension" and Blatnick saying that he took down 400 pounds with a chainsaw, which led to Tank saying that "that's what I am!"

BshMstr site profile image  

5/31/14 2:15 AM by BshMstr

is he was far from world class, then so was everyone else in the UFC then...

DirtehSneakehs site profile image  

5/30/14 9:27 PM by DirtehSneakehs

Holy shit I'll would eat those tits with a fork and steak knife.

crowbar site profile image  

5/30/14 9:08 PM by crowbar

Yeah,several scenes show DTW in the background.

I Just Saw Swinging site profile image  

5/30/14 7:52 PM by I Just Saw Swinging

It definitely wasn't Matua. From memory it was about Varlens as others have said.

Boyd Crowder's Hair site profile image  

5/30/14 7:34 PM by Boyd Crowder's Hair

have any of you guys seen the Zuffa produced "Ultimate Tank Abbott"? It's a fairly rare documentary about Tank and the early UFC days. Tank Abbott is single handedly responsible for more rules than another other fighter.

OblongBox site profile image  

5/30/14 7:29 PM by OblongBox

Rhonda who?