White on Rogan fighting in UFC, Rousey pregnancy


If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, some odd MMA stories have been hard to miss in your news feed lately:
Joe Rogan Kills Mountain Lion Outside Comedy Club
Ronda Rousey Pregnant, Still Plans to Fight During Pregnancy
•Joe Rogan To Fight In The UFC

UFC president Dana White was recently asked if Joe Rogan really was going to be fighting in the UFC?

"It came from this website that I won’t even mention," said White as transcribed by Thomas Myers for MMAMania. "But I’ll tell you this: that same website said that Ronda Rousey was pregnant and she was going to continue to fight while she was pregnant and I got her pregnant. OKAY?!?!? That’s the website that said that. If you believe that then you’ll believe just about anything."

The tall tales all originated from Empire Sports. Other recent headlines include:
•Eco-Friendly Law Forces NASCAR Drivers To Race In Electric Cars
•UFC Ref Big John McCarthy Beaten Up At Los Angeles Costco
•Donald Sterling Releases Sex Tape With V Stiviano; Possibly The Most Disturbing Thing You’ll Ever See
•Scientific Study Shows Massive Percentage of UFC Fans Use Steroids
•Erin Andrews Suspended From Fox Sports; Forced To Finish High School
•UFC Added To The 2016 Rio Olympics
•High School Gym Teacher Suspended For Making Girls Play “Shirts v. Skins” Basketball Games
•Survey: Men Afraid To Fantasize About Ronda Rousey
•Miley Cyrus Kicked Out Of Derby Party After Fight With Porn Star Ron Jeremy
•UFC Trying To Attract More Female Viewers, Staging Nude Fights

They say that people don't read on the Internet; they certainly don't read the fine print. Empire Sports has a disclaimer link on every page:
Empire Sports is a satirical and entertainment website. Empire Sports uses invented names in all its stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.

So the next time you see a goofy story from Empire Sports, do the right thing, and prank your stupider friends by adding it to your Facebook page.

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DYNO site profile image  

5/31/14 4:00 PM by DYNO

Why does it need to be shut down ? It's a satire site...with a disclaimer.

SAR1 site profile image  

5/31/14 2:38 PM by SAR1

I agree. If I'm paying for a hooker she better be 11x more attractive than Ronda and have a big ol' cock too. The last time I actually paid for it I had to give the girl $200 and then had to buy her two $6 hamburgers so she could defecate on me before she left the hotel. I don't do it often but I had just got my tax refund and I treated myself.

McSurly site profile image  

5/31/14 2:35 PM by McSurly

I made a thread about Rogan fighting in the UFC, quoting the article and providing a link, and people were so pissed at me I got frozen at least 3 times before I had a mod remove it. One guy said I was a dick because he had been waiting for Joe to fight and I got his hopes up.

Johnny Mclain site profile image  

5/31/14 2:30 PM by Johnny Mclain

To bad he didn't pull out when he fucked the UGNobody likes a bad egg

shaqitup site profile image  

5/31/14 2:29 PM by shaqitup

if i'm dropping 4 hundy on a hooker, she better be about 11x more attractive than Honda.I can see Dana being into some reverse control shit, and letting Ronda abuse him and shit, she has the strength and moves for it.

SAR1 site profile image  

5/31/14 2:27 PM by SAR1

You know the Rousey pregnancy thing is bullshit because if you're Dana White and you're worth $500 million or so you aren't fucking chicks that look like Ronda Rousey. Actually, if you've got $400 dollars for a mid-level Vegas hooker you aren't fucking chicks that look like Ronda Rousey.

rnunz site profile image  

5/31/14 2:11 PM by rnunz

Finally, the hard hitting questions we've been waiting for.

shaqitup site profile image  

5/31/14 2:08 PM by shaqitup

Everybody knows Dana pulls out when he fucks his employees.

Johnny Mclain site profile image  

5/31/14 2:06 PM by Johnny Mclain

Call Jake SHields.

I LOVE DIAZ  (no homo) site profile image  

5/31/14 2:00 PM by I LOVE DIAZ (no homo)

dude at work asked me yesterday.