Randy Couture's Gym Rescue to debut 8/10


The long-rumored Spike show "Gym Rescue" will debut on Spike on Aug. 10 at 9 pm ET/PT.

Modeled on reality TV series like "Restaurant: Impossible" and “Bar Rescue” the show will feature Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock traveling across the country, attempting to turn things around at struggling gyms. Three episodes have been shot to date, in Florida and Colorado.

"Couture currently owns a successful chain of gyms, Xtreme Couture MMA while Shamrock runs the acclaimed Shamrock MMA," reads the official release. "Together this dynamic duo has the know-how and track record to help take a failing gym on the ropes and turn it into a champion.

"From traditional gyms to military-style boot-camps to yoga studios, Couture and Shamrock will do whatever it takes to whip the failing gyms into shape. From re-defining the gym’s identity, to renovating the outdated workout equipment to revising their marketing strategies, no problem is too big for this team of heavyweights... At the end of every episode, the new gym is revealed and it’s determined if the once failing gym has become a winning success."

Some have faulted placing Couture at the head of the series as his Ultimate Couture chain went from seven facilities to two. However, Couture addressed the issue obliquely last year, and says he is older and wiser.

“I’ve been doing it for 15 years," said Couture. "Most of my experiences have been through trial and error and missteps. Maybe I can help some folks avoid some of the things that I’ve done wrong.”

Shamrock too will be able to bring school of hard knocks knowledge to the series, as his MMA headquarters was closed down in 2010, under mysterious circumstances.

"Frank shamrock here standing in front of what used to be Shamrock MMA headquarters," he said on a video posted in September of that year. "21 days ago my partner Lori Henderson flipped her wig, sold my stuff, and kicked me out. I'm not really sure why."

Spike's first foray into an MMA oriented series, "Fight Master" was not renewed for a second season. Couture was a principal cast member on Fight Master, along with Shamrock, Greg Jackson, and Joe Warren.

Couture has unprecedented success in Hollywood, appearing with Sylvester Stallone and seemingly every action film star ever in “The Expendables” and its sequel, as well as acting opposite Bruce Willis in “Setup.”

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hendofanforlife site profile image  

6/2/14 10:40 PM by hendofanforlife

so how many TUF episodes this season have been below the previous low tide mark? whats the trend for TUF viewership? here let me graph it for you:   

THP site profile image  

6/2/14 10:31 PM by THP

Should I watch this? I hear Randy Couture is a bad guy.

RUSRedDevil site profile image  

6/2/14 10:09 PM by RUSRedDevil

I think they're stupid for only doing MMA gyms. They should have had Randy Couture, Jay Cutler, and Billy Banks do gym rescue

Chris27 site profile image  

6/2/14 10:03 PM by Chris27

First two spots reserved.   One for your post about what Logic is gonna say and then the other for Logics popcorn gif. 

Chappie site profile image  

6/2/14 9:46 PM by Chappie

Wow, did Zuffa's editors mandate the inclusion of the information at the end of that article pointing out Couture and Shamrock's respective business failures? So much for simply mentioning the show and Couture and Shamrock's association with it.

CindyO site profile image  

6/2/14 6:03 PM by CindyO

I like Taffer! I never miss BR!Cindy

SporkChop site profile image  

6/2/14 3:43 PM by SporkChop


lkfmdc site profile image  

6/2/14 3:28 PM by lkfmdc

Should I spoil the secret here?<br /><br />Being produced by Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue<br />and the real business brains of the gym industry behind the scenes of this show is bedros keuilian<br /><br />

Ramsey site profile image  

6/2/14 3:23 PM by Ramsey

How many failures has Frank Shamrock been a part of? Think somebody would get the idea by now, his name doesn't sale!

Watch Bellator on Spike site profile image  

6/2/14 3:15 PM by Watch Bellator on Spike

tuf has more than 10 times as many episodes on order.  spike would take tuf over this in a heartbeat if they could.