Rogan: Belfort reason for ban of TRT exemptions


On a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, UFC commentator Joe Rogan commented on the recent banning of TRT exemptions and how it related to Vitor Belfort:

Rogan was explaining the end of TRT exemptions and said, "They did it to Vitor…random drug test. And Vitor was on testosterone. That's the reason that testosterone got banned in the first place. The whole thing went down when Vitor tested positive with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, after that. Before that, they were considering him for a testosterone exemption….And because he tested positive they scrapped the whole testosterone program."

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orcus site profile image  

6/3/14 1:00 PM by orcus

The normal range of testosterone allowed by the NSAC for those with trt exemptions was 600-1200 ng/dl, although they expected it to be at the 600 end.They would only be able to get this number for Vigor if the surprise test was a blood test, which I don't think they have ever done before. The surprise urine tests, like those which caught Overeem, Roth well, and Drysdale would only reveal his ratio. And someone on trt getting 144/week could have a ratio as high as 50:1 while their actual testosterone level still fell in that normal range.

The Swede site profile image  

6/3/14 12:51 PM by The Swede

His synthetic testosterone is supposed to be a supplement for his low natural testosterone to bring him back to normal levels.I'm going to make this up just for an example:If a natural testosterone level for a man like Vitor is 100-150mg, but his tests show he is at only 60mg, then his Dr is supposed to prescribe him a dose of 40-90mg to bring him back to normal range.If he did that and commission gave him a random test, he should be under their limit, but of course it can fluctuate a little.But if he has been taking 500mg for performance boost, and his random test showed he was @ 550mg, then it is obvious he is abusing his medicine and is wayyyy over the limit, aka cheating.You can inject synthetic testosterone and still pass a commissions random test.You're welcome sir, no charge.

The Swede site profile image  

6/3/14 12:43 PM by The Swede


Vic Vinegar site profile image  

6/3/14 6:34 AM by Vic Vinegar

We got a turd in the punch bowl fellas

orcus site profile image  

6/3/14 6:15 AM by orcus

The "limit" in a urine test only means that your ratio is high enough that it could not be natural, i.e., that you must have synthetic testosterone in your system. We already know he did have synthetic test in his system, since that's what TRT is.

DanHendersonsDentures site profile image  

6/3/14 1:42 AM by DanHendersonsDentures

3 month screen name bet he was over the limit when he got tested?

civ77 site profile image  

6/3/14 1:25 AM by civ77


thefink site profile image  

6/3/14 1:09 AM by thefink

In for Vitor gifs

TommyRSU site profile image  

6/3/14 12:39 AM by TommyRSU

Couldn't have said it better. Really Rogan?

Vikingknee site profile image  

6/3/14 12:00 AM by Vikingknee

Benefit of the doubt is better than all the idiots on here assuming it's fact he was "juiced to the gills"