Cormier: Jones doesn't want to go there ever again


Daniel Cormier spoke with Yahoo Sports' Kevin Iole and discussed Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson.

Cormier believes Jones won the first fight, taking rounds 2, 4, and 5. Further, Cormier thinks Jones will win the rematch. However, he does not think it is a fight that Jones wants to do again.

The UFC wanted an immediate rematch after Jones edged Gustafsson at UFC 165 on Sept. 23, 2013. Jones instead opted to fight Glover Teixeira. Now the UFC is pushing harder still for the rematch, and Jones instead wants to fight Cormier.

First, the UFC announced that Gustafsson had signed a bout agreement to fight Jones at UFC 177 in Las Vegas on Aug 30. Then on Monday UFC president Dana White mused that he might have Cormier fight Gustafsson instead, something Cormier said should happen for an interim belt.

So far, Jones isn't budging, and Cormier thinks he knows why.

"He had to reach so deep into his soul to win that last fight. I truly believe he doesn't want to fight Alex again," said Cormier. "Alex took him somewhere he'd never been before and he doesn't want to go there ever again."

"Everybody was screaming for the rematch after that fight with Alex and he said no, that he wanted to fight Glover. Now, if he comes back and says essentially, 'I don't want this rematch,' how do you think that's going to come across? Once? OK. He said he wanted to fight Glover and everyone knows about Glover. But twice would be hard to understand. I honestly don't think Jon is afraid, but Alex pushed him to a point in that fight where I don't think he ever wants to go again.

"So obviously, this might benefit me in the long run. And if Jon really believes that I would be the tougher fight, then he would be doing it for the right reason. But if he is saying he wants to fight me because he believes I'd be an easier guy? Man, I don't know. That's not good."

"As the champion, it's his obligation to fight the guy they say is the top challenger, and right now, that is Alexander Gustafsson. It's been strange. At the end of the day, he'll probably end up fighting Gustafsson again, but this isn't something he's volunteering for, I can tell you that."

White and UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta meet on Thursday with Jones and his management to try to come to terms. Who do you think Jones ends up fighting? And who do you think the tougher opponent for Jones, Gus or Cormier?


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ChaosOverkill site profile image  

6/4/14 1:39 AM by ChaosOverkill

The respect DC has been raised to show and exchange is refreshing.

Ovary Hugger site profile image  

6/4/14 1:14 AM by Ovary Hugger

Dc is better than gus, way better.

Donald Sterling Fan site profile image  

6/4/14 1:05 AM by Donald Sterling Fan

DC won me over here. could've staked his claim and built hype for himself, but did the honorable thing. I can respect that.I don't want DC to cut in front of Gus b/c im 90% sure DC easily out wrestles him all day e'reday.

Achilles Lock site profile image  

6/4/14 12:42 AM by Achilles Lock

Word for word exactly how I feel. I truly think DC would beat JBJ and have an easier go of it that Gus. But, Gus is no question in Jones' head.

JOESONDO site profile image  

6/4/14 12:29 AM by JOESONDO

DC is spot on. Gus is the tougher fight not because he is better than DC but because he is in JBJ's head. It was the first time that a fight didn't go his way and he couldn't just improvise his way out. He has probably replayed that fight in his head a thousand times and likely couldn't find the mistakes that he made. He couldn't find an obvious way to win. It would be different if Gus submitted him because he could just write it off as just getting caught, but Gus grinded out a greulling 5 round fight that had JBJ helped from the cage. In a nut shell Gus represents self doubt when he had none before. That's what makes this such a tough fight for him and that's obviously why he is avoiding the fight.

CaptChaos site profile image  

6/4/14 12:15 AM by CaptChaos

JBJ should ask the UFC to ask the fans who he should fight and whoever the fans want more he gets.A lot of people wanna see him lose and those same people think Gus can do it. Others think DC can do it plus they may vote for DC for being cool during this whole thing. Then you have the JBJ supporters and they will probably vote for DC cause JBJ wants DC.

CaptChaos site profile image  

6/4/14 12:06 AM by CaptChaos

As much as I don't like JBJ he has done extremely well and I think sometimes we take that for granted. I don't agree with his decision to dodge Gus. He should be fighting whoever the UFC says he should fight. You give fighters too much say and they will take advantage of it. He's not a coward or scared. I just think he's trying to preserve his championship reign as long as possible and in his mind DC will be the easier route. If more fighters had Chuck's mentality they would be liked more and be in better graces with the UFC brass.

Stephen Holder site profile image  

6/3/14 5:07 PM by Stephen Holder

DC is spot on here. While both DC and Gus could potentially beat Jones, hes aware of the danger they both pose and at the same time waaay too cocky to be even slightly consider it. The difference between DC and Gus is the way Jon would lose to either opponent. If DC beats up Jon, he will most likely get ragdolled to the point of frustration and ultimately defeat. It wouldn't be fun but the way Gus would beat him if you just imagine their first fight without the spinning elbow in the 4th round perhaps is something Jones doesn't want to go through again. Its total bullshit and a fighter like Jones should really be embracing the challenge, however the reality is fights like the first Gustafson fight shave years off your career, literally. Its still bullshit but I'm guessing that's his logic. Gus is the first fighter Jones has fought with a reach anywhere close to his. Even if Jones & Jackson come up with a plan and beat Gus, Jones is almost guaranteed to catch a post fight hospital stay requiring beatdown.

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

6/3/14 5:03 PM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

Brodor is very likeable.

Brabatross site profile image  

6/3/14 4:57 PM by Brabatross

What does not fighting Gus do to his legacy? Running away from a rematch of a fight that many people though he lost... Not good.